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  1. Episode 6 is here!
  2. Episode 4 and 5 came out too!
  3. Another day, another video.
  4. Episode 2 came out today too! I'm gonna try to make this a daily thing!
  5. Hey everybody, My name is Aluterrian (friends call me Alu for short) and I'm an amateur Let's Player hoping to get their leg out there and start on making some high quality videos! There are of course going to be a lot of bumps on the way, but I'm confident with enough advice and perseverance I could make something of myself! My channels videos are mostly going to be about Minecraft, Don't Starve, and TF2 at the start but I plan on expanding in the not-too-distant future! I've just uploaded my first episode of my Don't Starve playthrough today, some helpful advice on how I could improve would be really appreciated! And hey, if you like it, I wouldn't mind making more!
  6. Alright, so I started a new world and there's a pig village closeby to the south, populated by say 6 or more pigs with some beefalo to the west of it. I set up camp dead center in the town so that the houses circle around my fire pit. When night approached, I start to see more than a few spiders crawl up to my lit fire. The night pretty much became me running in circles around my firepit as spiders tailed me with that catchy danger theme.When day broke, the pigs all swarmed the spiders, causing more to literally pour out of their nests in retaliation. There had to be 20 or something spiders fighting only 6 pigs. I should have surveyed the area more before setting down camp near that pigtown because there were around 6-8 egg sacks scattered closeby in all directions of the village. XDNow every morning, I like to come over to that village and look at the pigs and spiders duke it out to see who wins. It's usually the spiders, but I've seen a few pigs survive. c:I was wondering if you guys ever have something like this happen? Maybe less eggs around a town? Perhaps a bunch of spider dens spawned around a swamp tentacle?
  7. Let me first start out by saying I simply adore this game, it's challenging, it's addicting, it's just bloody marvelous. Upon first playing I was met with the challenge to gather supplies for tools, then get straight to work on making a fire pit. As I surveyed the land, I found that boulders were somewhat rare in the game (this fact reared its head frequently in the multiple maps I've played). My feedback for this would be to increase their "spawn rate" in forest areas and swampy tentacle marshes. When the moment came that I was finally able to make a fire-pit, I stumbled upon a glitch where the fire would never die down for the entire play session I was playing at the time. Naturally this was a pleasant bug to have, but all food was incapable of being cooked there, so I deemed it "Ghost fire" (since it wasn't really there). Fireflies and gold had confused me the most in game- gold not as much since I could put that in the science machine for a whopping 10 science, but I found myself at a loss of things to do with the fireflies. Constructing some items that makes use of these two things would be ideal. Perhaps a lantern of sorts that constantly needs fireflies once a night to stay lit? Smelting gold would be lovely, giving us the ability to construct our own amulets and/or make golden armor as a step-up from that blasted wood armor. The final issue is the size settings, I can't stress how important it is to have a game that fits on your screen. I have been met with much irritation due to the sizing settings in this bloody game. It's frustrating not to see my science number and the lower half of my inventory. I do recommend you guys hop on THAT feature first above all else. People WILL play games in windowed mode, having the game resize itself to accommodate the proportions within the window would bring much joy. Above all I loved the game, and while some tweaking is needed, I do think it's absolutely amazing regardless.