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Can I Record This and Not Go To Jail?

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Can I stream or make videos of Don't Starve Together?
You sure can! We're pretty relaxed when it comes to YouTube and Streaming (Twitch, etc.) permissions. We only ask that any content includes clear information that Don't Starve Together is in currently in beta, is constantly being updated, and not yet a complete game. 
It would also be super cool if things linked to http://www.dontstarvetogether.com, but it's not mandatory.
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Well, that really depends on what you do during the video I suppose. ;)


But, as long as you stick to the Player Creation Guidelines, you are good. 


Although, we would appreciate it if you could make sure to let people know it's the very beginning of the public beta.

I thought it might be different because of it being a closed beta!

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