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Spring Strategy [My last world]

Guide for Summer [the hardest season] - Survive and Expand your Base ! -  

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Setting up a base
Day 1                                                                                                        
Day 2                                                                                                        
Day 3                                                                                                        
Day 4                                                                                                        
Day 5                                                                                                        
Day 6                                                                                                        
Day 7                                                                                                        
Day 8                                                                                                        
Base optimization                                                                
Day 9                                                                                                        
Day 10                                                                                                    
Day 11                                                                                                    
Day 12                                                                                                    
Day 13                                                                                                    
Day 14                                                                                                    
Day 15                                                                                                    
Day 16                                                                                                    
Summer preparations                                                   
Day 17                                                                                                    
Day 18                                                                                                    
Day 19                                                                                                    
Day 20

Author notes




Notes : This guide assumes that the player will gather any food he finds and collects rare resources if found any.                                                                                                                                                      

Setting up a base    

Day 1                                                                                                 
- Gather 12 Petals. Don't craft the Garland yet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
- Gather ~ 20 Grass or more
- Gather ~ 20 Twigs or more
- Craft a Hammer
- Gather 2 Moles
- Gather Flint before the Moles pick it ( 2 to 3 required)

- Build 2 or 3 Torches. Burn trees to get heat if you are freezing. Explore the World to find Rockylands while picking Twigs and Grass to compensate the resources used for torches.
Day 2

Notes : As soon as your sanity goes under 180, you may want to wear the Garland. You can burn most items to ashes. I never converted my Garland to ash yet. Pine Cones, turf, rot and fertilizers have a good burn value making them great to use when lacking logs.

- Craft a Pickaxe. Mine Gold Vein Boulder and Boulder. A stack of 20 gold or more is good. You need to gather enough gold (~6-8). 
- Build a Science Machine.


- Craft Backpack.
- Build Alchemy Engine and a Fire Pit.
- Roast your food over fire and eat it to replenish hunger.
- Gather Bone Shards from skeletons if you find any.
- Steal Egg from Tallbird (optional).
- Craft an Axe.
- Cut Evergreens for logs.
- Craft a Spear.
- Plant Pine Cones near your base.
- Craft a Shovel.
Craft a Rain Hat.

- Craft or improve items. Cut down wood during the night. Burn and Gather Charcoal if your Planted Evergreens are now stage 1 Evergreens.
Day 3
- Leave some resources on ground like nitre and some tools like hammer.
- Gather twigs and grass (near full stack) along with any food you can find.
- Explore and find the Marsh/Swamps biome.
- Gather at least 8 Reeds.
- Gather silk if you find any spiders with the help of traps.
- Gather some rocks/gold


- Build a Bird Cage near your base.
- Build a Bird Trap if you have enough resources.
- Gather Saplings with Shovel.
- Plant Saplings near your base.
- Build a Farm if you have enough resources.
Craft a Log Suit.
Build Crock Pot.
- Build a Lightning Rod.
- Build a Drying Rack.

- Explore, Craft, Cook with Fire/Crock Pot or Cut Evergreens.
Day 4 
- Gather Twigs and Grass along with food.
- Gather Manure from Pigs or from Beefalo if found any.
- Gather Silk from Spiders.
- Build a Bird Trap.
- Build a Basic Farm and an Improved Farm.
- Plant Grass and fertilize them.
- Gather common resources as rocks/gold/grass/twigs/food.

- Cut down Evergreens. Use Eggs to craft Bacon and Eggs in Crock Pot. You can also craft Meaty Stew.
Day 5

Notes : Never shave Wilson until day 16. A larger beard has more value.  Magnificent Beard gives you 9 Beard Hair. Shave Wilson before Summer. Beard makes your heat meter climb faster.

- Gather Grass/Twigs/Manure/Food.
- Build traps and gather silk.
- Gather Rocks/Wood.
- Exploration (?)
Day 6
- All the previous objectives. I have done everything in 7 days. Gathering resources to full stack often requires a full day. You'll also move between biomes often taking 1/4 to 1/2 day for each travel.
Day 7
- All the previous objectives. I have done everything in 7 days. Gathering resources to full stack often requires a full day. You'll also move between biomes often taking 1/4 to 1/2 day for each travel.
Day 8  
- Gather a Lureplant if it appears on your mini-map. They are usually found near roads or in any place you have walked around often.
- Cut Evergreens and build two Chests. Place all your food inside chests including seeds.
- Transform most of your meat into Eggs. Place the Eggs in a separate corner. It is highly recommended to wall off the spot where your stack of eggs is found with Hay Walls. If you bring a Pig to your camp, he will not be able to eat all the Eggs. At the same time, you will not be tempted to eat those Eggs. I have around 30 Monster Meat at this point in most games.
- Place your LurePlant near your base for protection against Hounds.
- Clear your Inventory/Backpack so at least ~2/3 will be free.
- Burn your Garland to get Ashes before it disappears.
- Craft a Healing Salve stack with ashes from pinecones/grass/twigs. My large twig farm near my base gives more twigs than I need.
- Gather Silk or Explore if you have time.
Base optimization 
Day 9
- Explore the world with your 2/3 to 1/2 empty inventory/backpack. You need to find locations of bee hives, pig houses, beefalo, spider dens and berry bushes. Always keep your hammer for bone shards.
- Jump into any Wormhole you find. You may find shortcuts.
- Create new traps for spider dens if they have expired.
- Collect common resources.
- Fight Clockwork Monsters with Log Suit equipped if found any. You need to fight 2 ClockWork Monsters ideally to gather 4 Gears. Avoid Rook (Metallic Rhinoceros) when he is charging.
- Gather 12 petals in road.


- Craft a new Garland.

Day 10
- Explore the world to find a Spelunk Hole, Desert and large Rockyland. You should uncover the location of Hound Mounds in Desert for Hound's Tooth farming. It may take 1 to 2 days depending on your goals.
- Gather 3-4 Stacks of Logs.
- Build 2 to 3 secondary bases with a Fire Pit and a single chest in each one. You need one base near Plains, one base near Marsh and a third base for travels near a Wormhole or in the world hub if you happen to have one.
- Gather saplings around each base.
- Place logs in each base. You won't have to carry torches or logs in your inventory.
- Clear holes in the minimap in the most visited areas.
Day 11
- Craft a Beekeeper hat and a Bug Net.
- Fight bees and gather one or more Honeycombs.
Gather manure and silk
- Explore the caves. Bring multiple stacks of rocks, a large amount of food and many twigs and grass. Don't bring too many flint. If you die, rock lobster will eat it all and you'll have a hard time crafting tools. Don't bring any meat ideally.
Day 12

Notes : Exploring caves can take up to 4 days before you find something useful. Caves are known for their many dead ends. It is part of luck if you find something useful there.

- Explore the caves and mark any sunken forest. You need to gather Light Bulbs. Beware of Shadow Monsters, Spiders and Depths Worm when you are travelling inside the caves. Never pick any mysterious plant.
- Destroy a few Rabbit Hutches if found any. You will ideally build one in the above world near a spider den.
Day 13
- All the previous objectives in this section. Finding gears and a large rockylands (at least 5 Glaciers) should be your priority. You can gather rocks or expand your base if you have spare time.
Day 14
- All the previous objectives in this section. Finding gears and a large rockylands (at least 5 Glaciers) should be your priority. You can gather rocks or expand your base if you have spare time.
Day 15
- All the previous objectives in this section. Finding gears and a large rockylands (at least 5 Glaciers) should be your top priority. You can gather rocks or expand your base if you have spare time.
Day 16
- Craft a Lantern. Make sure that you have at large stack of light bulbs (a stack of ~20 Light Bulbs is good if you have an ice box as they spoil fast). Come back to caves if you need more.
- Gather gold/flint/nitre/rock.


- Build a base near a larger rockylands if found any.
- Gather Ice by mining Glaciers.
- Build an Endothermic Fire Pit, an Ice Flingomatic and a Ice Box if you haven't done earlier.
Summer preparations

Day 17
- Gather Saplings and Grass Tufts near your base along with Berry Bushes if you have enough manure. Make sure that your Ice Flingomatic is covering them.
- Craft an Umbrella using Pig Skin. You can acquire Pig Skin by destroying the sticks near Touch Stones or Pig Houses.
- Cut Evergreens. You need to plant pine cones around your main base to protect it against the Firefly.
- Make sure that you have at least 20 ashes to make the Firefly giant sleep.
- Gather your rotten eggs.


- Craft them into gunpowder.
- Gather reeds and silk. 
- Gather all the spider nests of your area and place them around your base. You'll have enough silk for crafting bird traps endlessly. You can use charcoal but you'll need to burn many trees.
- Create a wall of Evergreens around your base. Place twigs and grass around your base. This will ensure that the Firefly will get ashes from those items and not base structures.
Day 18

Notes : You may want to bring companions like pigs to help fight hounds.

Fight Hounds in Desert.


- Gather a large stack of Hound's Tooth.
- Craft a Dapper Vest.
- Gather many resources of any kind including reeds.
- Build more chests in your main base ideally.
Day 19



Notes : Crops will also grow twice as fast when the world goes above 28 degrees.[1]


- Build farms.


Gather logs.

Day 20
- All the previous objectives in this section.


Author notes : 

I like to think of spring as composed of two segments of 8 days each and a last segment of 4 days. The first segment is crucial. If you don't have a good base by the end of it, you may want to create a new world. The second segment is for exploration and base optimization. Exploration is important at that part to find glommer/chester and gears. You need a Flingomatic if you don't want your base to burn in summer. The last segment is for finding gears if you have none and building a Flingomatic, an Ice Box and an Endothermic Fire Pit.
You need to make sure you have an ash stack to make the Firefly giant sleep. Bees should be collected to create Bee mines. You can place Killer Bees in inventory and release them to fight giants. A wall of Evergreens around my base often saved me against the Firefly. The Giant will burn Evergreens and not my base. I strongly recommend to place Bee Boxes near your base if you like to build bee mines. Always travel with an Umbrella in your Hand Slot to not get Overheat.                                                                         




Sources :


[1] http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Farm_Plot




To-Do-List :


- Formatting/edits

- Add images of my world/base for 20 days !

- Add a Section for Special Situations : Frog Rain/Small Rockyland/bad base placement...

- Add a Section for first week of summer.

- Find a Gif/Video/Post about kiting giants.

- Small quizzes.

- Mini-Games.

- Correction or small tips from the comments. 


- Add Bees

- Add Lureplants

- Add Mushrooms

- Add Meaty Stew

- Add Varg & Koalefant

- Add Hound

- Add Depth Worms

- Add Flower Farms

- Add *Farming* (Flower/Beefalo/lureplant/mole/spider...)


Special Sections :


Dragonfly :


The Dragonfly is a Giant that appears in Summer. It likes to burns things. It will despawn after eating 20 ashes. It has a tendency to destroy bases and attack the player if it stays near it too long.


There are many strategies that you can use to kill the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is the hardest giant. It does two attacks : rings of fire and swipe. The rings of fire is a close range area attack. Dragonfly will execute his swipe attack when going in range of the player. 


The safest way of killing Dragonfly is using a stack of 20 ashes and 14 Gunpowder. You can use 5 Sleep Darts to put it to sleep if you don't want to use ashes. 28 Blow Darts are needed to kill a Dragonfly from full health. Dragonfly is immune to Fire Attacks.


If you want to kite Dragonfly, you need to make it use his aoe attack by standing near or attacking with a ranged weapon. You will have a 1-2 hits space before he will attack again. 


Make sure that you are far from your base when fighting the Dragonfly or he might burn some structures. Overheating can be a problem when fighting it. Multiple Log Suits with a few healing items is recommended to survive a few hits.


† "It" is attacking at the same time than moving.


Fires :


Fires can be put down using fertilizers. It can be manure, rot, rotten eggs, guano or glommer's poop. Select the fertilizer and click on the fire. It is advised to travel with large stacks of rot when you are playing "the firefighter"; fires will often spread out to other things.


The easiest way to produce rot is through farming. Build many farms and place all the harvested crops on the ground to rot. Rot is used re-fertilize farms. This process is eco-friendly and sustainable. 


An active way of production consists in picking any flower you find along with berries. In a successful day, you will have enough items to make a near a maximum rot stack. It takes a long time for items to spoil, the player needs to be patient.


You can apply real firefighting techniques in Don't Starve. If a forest is burning and there is no hope to save it, you can save a part of it. Determine where the center of the fire is. Go far away from the fire. Cut trees around the fire to contain it.






Frog Rain :




Every time it rains, there is a small chance that it will be a frog rain. Frogs will fall from the sky and quickly swarm your base. Their ferocity is unmatched. They are often seen fighting with bees, pigs and even tentacles !


It is almost always raining during Spring. It is probable to witness a frog rain during this season. It can happen multiple times or last several days. If a frog rain happens at night, you may not have enough time to react. If you are low on hunger and health, you should avoid the frogs totally as any few hits could mean your death.


The easiest way to clean your base from frogs is Traps ! Create two traps or more and lure frogs. Stand near a Frog to make it aggressive and walk over a trap. The Frog will follow you and become trapped. It is not needed to deal with every frog. Creatures like bees and natural events as lightning or heating will slowly kill around 5 to 10 per day. Frogs tend to spread after a Frog Rain is over.


Frog legs can be used in Crock Pot to create Froggle Bunwich, an efficient recipe that gives a moderate amount of health. If your frogs legs are rotting, you can make meatballs.


Beefalo :


Beefalo is in permanent heat in spring. It will attack anything that comes too close. Babies are born during "beefalo heat or mating season". Hunting beefalo is a good way to get Meat. You can create a new beefalo herd by using the beefalo horn.


How do I hunt a beefalo ?


- Hit a beefalo.

- Run away until the herd calms down.

- The beefalo you hurt will follow you.

- Hit it again if it stops.

- Repeat those steps until you are far enough to kill it without angering the herd.


Garland :


Garland is the most efficient top gear for sanity regeneration in early game. You can find flowers anywhere. Despite not lasting as long as the Top Hat if you always wear it, the Garland may boost your sanity quicker. You get +60 sanity from picking the 12 flowers.


Garland needs to be crafted every 5 days if you want to be wearing it all the time. Its spoil time is 6 days. It is possible to plant flowers by capturing butterflies. Butterflies spawn from flowers periodically at random. If you build a "garden" near your base, you'll never run out of flowers for garland. As an added bonus, you can may get butter from butterflies if you decide to kill them. 


Butter is only needed for the recipe "Waffles" and nothing else. Waffles is one of the best food in the game. It restores 60 health. Only Mandrakes Soup beats in terms of health.



Top Hat => 4 Silk => 8 days


2 Bug Net => 4 Silk => 6 days & 8 Flowers


The greatest common divisor is 60 between 12 flowers and 10 uses for Bug Net. It means that after 30 days, you'll use 5 Garlands and 12 Silk while you will use more for Top Hat, 16 Silk with only two days of extra. 


Homeless bees will slowly create new flowers at a fixed rate. Flowers can be used to increase a bee box production incidentally.


I use both personally. I am wearing my Top Hat only when I am between 2/3 and 1/2 sanity to not fall into insanity. The Top Hat is great for long explorations in the caves.


Garland is more efficient in theory but may not be in practice !


Moles :




Moleworms are the most annoying creatures when starting a new game. There are a few times where I spawned in a world full of moleworms, I could not find flint after exploring the whole world. They were even in the Rockylands Biome. Removing my last chance of winning by eating all the rock... It is hard to kill a mole if you don't have the Hammer.


The first thing you should do when starting a new world is picking flint if you see it. Stop gathering grass, twigs, flowers, berries and run for the flint before any mole picks it !


Some players create moleworm farms. You need to capture a moleworm, destroy its hole, make a pen with hay walls, release it and lock it inside. The mole will have a new home made inside the pen. The Burrow will make a mole after a few days if it is without an owner.


How do I capture a moleworm ? 


Craft a Hammer.

- Equip your Hammer.

- Set lure (mineral).

- Wait until the Moleworm surfaces near the lure.

- Hover the mouse pointer over the mole and click.

- Pick the mole.


Moleworms are inspired from the Star-nosed mole. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star-nosed_mole


Rot :


Any item has a spoil time after which it will turn to rot. Rot is useful for farming, transplanting plants or putting out fires.


There are different ways of making rot. I will present you the most common ones :


- Berries. Every two days or more, it is possible to gather around 20 to 40 berries. It is very efficient and safe. You should note that you can convert berries into manure if you are spending the day near a Pig Village. Simply leave the berries in front of their house.


- Monster Meat. It is not edible unless you are Webber. You will always have more than you need. You will get roughly 60 or more Monster Meat every season. If you don't have need of Gun Powder, feel free to use them as main rot source.


- Flowers. You need a large flower farm before it gives any noticeable result. Flower farms are expensive to create. Flowers are very basic items that may not have use for you in late game.


- Farms. I create farms only to sustain myself when I don't have time to gather berries or hunt animals. Farms make summer and winter easy. They don't have use if you have the time to search for food. If you are picking manure at a daily rate, build pig villages and create a pen for the koalefant, you'll have manure to *waste*. You only need 10 farms to make a large reliable rot production. Farms can be re-fertilized with rot after some uses.


Note : Rot is the most useful item for putting out fires. Please see the second section "Fires".


Tips :


* Try to keep your inventory organized. Dump everything you don't need immediately like food or tools. Your backpack should be one half to two thirds empty.


* Avoid large bee and a spider fields. It is a certain death.


* While travelling inside the Marsh/Swamp biome, look at the sanity indicator and at the ground to find tentacles. Don't collect anything immediately, stand a few seconds instead to ensure the ground is safe.


* Equip your Log Suit when you are in situation where you may take some damage.


* Use traps to dispatch frogs from frog rains.


* Don't go near Pig Villages in Full Moon.


* Leave meat on the ground if you see a Bunnymen inside the caves.


* Carry large stacks of grass and twigs. You will be able to survive outside your base for many days.


* Remember to collect silk. It is a rare resource !


* Red Feathers have many uses. Use boomerang or bird trap to get feathers.


Questions and Answers


What should be done by the end of summer ?


Read the notice. You can find it in the content list.


There are many extra things like farming or creating secondary bases. You should consider those goals optional. They will simply help you expand your base if you have some extra time. Farming is the most important optional goal in Don't Starve. Vegetables are used in some recipes. A few vegetables have their own recipe. The best thing to do in summer is cultivating watermelons ! Watermelons are needed for the recipe Fashion Melon, a top gear that reduces the overheat rate.


How do I fight Hounds ?


Lureplants kill Hounds quickly and keep them distracted. Hounds are aggressive mobs that can target and attack anything when losing interest in the player. Pigs, Beefalo, Bees and Tentacles work well. You should always carry a log suit and spear to prepare for any Hound Attack.


How do I fight Varg ?

Avoid it until you have better weapons. Varg can appear at any time when following "animal tracks". It is best to leave it alone and make long travels to go around it. You will eventually have enough healing items and a few log suits to fight it. A tentacle spike is a better weapon than spear.
What is a good base placement ?
I build the Science Machine at any spot. The Alchemy Engine is constructed near a road ideally. Crock Pot is best placed near a road in the direction of your reliable source meat as Tallbirds, Pigs or Beefalo. I have found out after multiple experiments that a spread out base works better than a concentrated *ugly* one. It leaves as much room as you want for chests.
A good secondary base placement is near a Beefalo Herd or Pig Village. You can stay at your second base to gather manure. A common base is made inside a forest for logs or inside a grassland biome for grass. Grass and logs are materials you collect at a daily basis at certain places. Twig farms are convenient but not necessary. It is always "not enough" or "too much" twigs from my experience. You will need more twigs when mining or stacking logs. Twigs are a good source of ashes however.









Notes : Edits and improvements will come soon.  :joyous:


Notes (2) : Add suggestions to poll !

I found out how to use the jumpto bbcode tags. I used http://windowssecrets.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode. I have used an hack to create black anchors.                                                                              

Last edit : I corrected the reference. I don't like sentences with "And" so I am splitting them for readability. Specials coming !


Edit (4) : I have found a few writing "mistakes" in my guide. I will correct them later. I need to work on Summer once I find out how to survive reliably. Marble suit, meat effigy, healing items and a stack of rocks will greatly help you. I have witnessed a Dragonfly blow himself while destroying my base. I had a stack of ~ 20 gunpowder.

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Very detailed and easy to read guide. I didn't realize that my post seemed so similar to yours lol, but do you mind if I use some of your conventions in the coloring/size of words etc?


Sure. I use a color system for tools, verbs (Explore) and biomes.


Cooking, Roast and Burn are the same color because it requires fire.


Two Tools have their own color : cut , mine .


Structures and plantables are brown.


I am not always consistent with my color code and terminology. 


There is Special BBCode you can use. You find it in the top row of the editor. It is the third button from left to right. I may add a Background Color and Anchor Tags. (Anchors are article#name_of_anchor in Wikipedia.)

You should note that I haven't set a different color for the Crock Pot when       referring to it. I use Craft when I create recipes but it can be ambiguous. 
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i can barely walk out of my shelter in my base... im burning!! its summer!! i never thought that day 20 will be the last day of spring.. i mean i didnt have any ice or food or plants in my base, i just wandered around for 15days looking for chester... any tips on how to survive summer

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I have found some holes in my guide. 



Day 4 
Gather Twigs and Grass along with food.
Gather Manure from Pigs or from Beefalo if found any.
Gather Silk from Spiders.
Build Bird Trap.
Build Basic Farm and an Improved Farm.
Plant Grass and fertilize them.
Gather common resources as rocks/gold/grass/twigs/food.



I built a bird trap but not a bird cage. We have reeds from day 3 hopefully. I want to specify that you need exactly 8 Reeds. I will work on my guide a little more.


Oops, my guide is complete : 


Gather twigs and grass (near full stack) along with any food you can find.
Explore and find the Marsh/Swamps biome.
Gather Reeds.
Build a few traps and gather silk if you find any.
Gather some rocks/gold and build Bird Cage near your base.



Summer :


Tall trees keep you at overheat threshold. If you have a large base, it is strongly recommended to build a Flingomatic. You need to kill Clockwork Monsters in Chess Biome and pick their gears. An Endothermic Fire Pit is needed to survive summer.


My combination of items for summer is Straw Hat and Umbrella (requires 1 Pig Skin). It'll keep me from overheating from ~1/4 to 1/2 a day depending if I am collecting resources, mining or fighting. With the Floral Vest, you can survive more than two days without an Endothermic Fire Pit. 


If a desert is near, you can craft a floral vest the first day of summer by picking cactus flowers.



If you decide to play in Huge Worlds, I recommend to set seasons to long. You don't have enough time to prepare and doing exploration at the same time in default seasons.

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The guide is updated. I have added a Special Section and made a few quick fixes. 


I consider the guide as Version 2.###. It means that I may add tips, GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) and Quizzes. Quizzes will consist of spoiler and jumpto/aname tags. It would be a multi-level spoiler.


Question Foo ?


Choices :


Good Answer Foo


Bad Answer Foo


Another Bad Answer Foo




Wrong answer !
Good answer!




I already have a few ideas for Summer Guide.



Note : Spoilers work too well. You are not able to "jump" even if there are jumpto and aname tags unless spoilers are already open...


Edit : I guess that I can use to my advantage to make a multi-level fiction of spoilers. You can only open them on command. :-)


Edit 2 : I'll just place add two lines at bottom of quizzes : Wrong / Right. The player will have to return to the question by his own means. Explanations will contain spoilers. Feel free to ask questions to the guide creator, me, and I'll add them in the Q & A section (not there yet).

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im so confused 


The guide is several pages long. The Content Directory was made to facilitate navigation. You can use "return to top" to get back.


You are not supposed to read everything at once. If you are at day 5, you should go to day 5 and read further.


Once nothing meaningful can be added to the guide, I will build a section for most important things (e.g.: Structures that are usually built before the end of summer). 


I will usually do the 3/4 of what is in this guide. Bee boxes, lantern, chests, drying rack, bird cage and "secondary bases" are objectives that can be carried for summer as it doesn't help you in basic survival.


It is very hard to survive without a crock pot, fling-o-matic or garland. The game requires you to have them if you want to survive a long time. I believe it is impossible to get past two seasons without those items. More experienced players may say otherwise. Eating green caps is enough to solve sanity problems.


They are many spoilers in this guide like : Healing Salve or Moleworms.


I know that there are a few errors. I believe the guide is consistent even if it's lengthy. It took me many hours to *redact* it. You can help me make a better use of *my* time by telling what defects you are finding or where I should put my attention.


Thank you for showing your concern. You should make longer sentences next time. Many users take their time before hitting the submit button.

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