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  1. What if the ghost player had to travel back to the portal in order to be revived? Then the portal would be deactivated after use, in which the player would have to craft a special item/do a special action in order to reactivate the portal. This would also work as a way to introduce new players into a world, each time you would have to reactivate the portal to invite someone new or revive a player. While waiting to revive, a ghost player will almost be like a spectator, but will have an insanity aura on his friend. To keep players from simply disconnecting and waiting for the portal to be rebuilt, a ghost player can possibly fly over water and discover the map for friends? Maybe a different bonus can be implemented, but that to me seems the best balanced way to have fun while staying true to a multiplayer game and Dont Starve. I dont want to start playing with the idea of having fun with a friend and never being able to revive him again if he didn't set up precautions.
  2. I think you should add this/ release as an alternate version: I edited it so the recipes were pretty much impossible/impractical to make and simply used it as it says, a "recipe book." This way i get to keep the vanilla experience but it makes it so i dont have to visit the wiki when i want to make a specific dish.
  3. I have to say, besides the dawn mod, this is my favorite mod in dont starve. Its so nice to be excited at every craft to see if i got an enchantment, and if so what enchantment i got.
  4. I don't know about you, but every 3 hound attacks I only end up with 1 or two houndsteeth, and often times I can only get them in the winter from the snow hounds.
  5. And Again!!!! I got a vorpal nightmare sword lol. Its like its trying really hard to be super rp.
  6. Woot I got a entombing beefalo hat, and entombing puffy vest I got the whole set now I shall name it.... Frozen set (going to get ice amulet as soon as winter hounds attack, then the circle will be complete >=P)
  7. Make it cost more houndsteeth, and less monstermeat. Monstermeat is easy to get, but tedious and it can rot. Houndsteeth are rare, and useful for many things so youll have to choose between this, a sewing kit, or toothtrap which are all great items.
  8. What exactly is the U & A mod? (what does it stand for/is it a character mod pack or a modification thing?) Sorry if this might seem obvious lol I just havent heard of it before.
  9. I have to say that the character im looking forward too the most is wortox. He is one of the few characters unimplemented in the game, so there is a chance that he could actually be the next character. Out of the others, i think his art matches with the other characters the best, and he seems to be unique in what his abilities could be. The other character i am looking forward too are either winnie, or waverly. Wilton has already been done in a mod, webber looks too much like a reskinned default spider, wallace doesnt match well with the other characters, and wilbur could make sense but I dont think the monkey king would go over well/have good abilities in the game.
  10. I find it funny (I literally laughed for like 10 seconds) how some people complain that this ruins the game. Cuz they have to remember that this is a mod, and they don't have to download it. Other wise I think its a pretty good mod, but maybe if you combined something like slurtle slime and a red gem you could get a yellow gem (also could cook slurtle slime/combine with honey and cook to crystalize it)? Maybe something else but it would be nice.
  11. Darknight you should just get the craftable gears mod, its not that op considering the resources, and gears should be more affordable anyways .
  12. Just a quick tip to newcomers and other people who dont wiki the game. I actually found this out by accident lol and I hope it can be useful to you. Firstly, make a bug net and then capture a butterfly around some flowers. If you want to you can plant the butterfly to make more flowers. Butterflies will keep on spawning around flowers, so as long as you have bug nets you can increasingly exponential growth of flowers. This is great for all the people who only have a pig village and no beefalo to supply their manure, because pigs will drop manure if you feed flowers to them. Good day, and happy Farming! P.S. Merry (five days until) Christmas!!! (or other religous holiday to you other people)
  13. BTW lol i forgot to use the reply with quote button for some of my replies. Sorry if this annoys anyone.
  14. Really? I get them all the time if I dont chop down my trees fast enough. Try just planting large plantations and waiting until they are all full grown. When they are chop them down until one spawns, and then listen to the rest of my tutorial.
  15. ->Little Teemo ->Marak This way though you get have entertainment before your meal. Ever wanted to see an Optimus Pine own a tallbird?