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  1. @XopherPM how do you farm you beefalo meat>?
  2. how about changing the effects of the tools like the Golden Axe - a chance of 1 hit on trees on 1st strike, golden pick axe = chance of harvesting gems or gold on every stones like 5%. shovel = chance of picking up gold and gems and gears etc 5% also.. things like that cause i rarely use my axe and pick axe as weapon..
  3. naimo

    Golden Spear

    whats the use of flint? you have gold already right? the spear uses flint because the flint the tip of the spear... should it be only gold cause the gold is now the tip... 300 uses is to many though, its like making 2 or 3 of these and you can fight forever, ahaha maybe you should remove the flint and just add lumber or twig or better... you can upgrade your normal spear to this gold spear. by adding 2-3 golds, 1 rope, and maybe twigs
  4. i hope this will be updated regularly cause im planning to study modding mybe this sembreak.. ^^
  5. HD, unique and very cute... any plans on making a miku? if you do please message me i have some ideas that you might like ^^
  6. graphics still need improvement but.. nice idea. im looking for a normal miku like her usual mini~skirt dress that has lights like the real one
  7. maybe you can update this and add this feat. when you right click or shift right click or shift left click, etc you can command abigail to stop following you or return home or to stand by until you click her again... this will be a good add-on for some reason...
  8. what mod are you using for that minimap?
  9. what mod are you using? i like the character ^^
  10. light bulb? that can only be found at the cave right?
  11. whose jennifer? ahaha sorry i dont know about that butterfly thing till now ^^
  12. im guessing your a girl... but me as a guy, ill make one for myself too ^^
  13. so i just download the emulater then connect my PS3 controller with my pc... wirelessly? or wired?? cause i dont have bluetooth on my pc
  14. i got a lilttle confused.. are you using a real PS3 controller, or its just and emulator? i dont have XBOX only PS3 so what emulater should i use?
  15. are you using a ps3 controller to play DS on your pc... if yes, HOW...
  16. so tell me,, what will happen if i managed to make my smallbird into an adult tallbird? what are the benefits of having 1 either.. should i keep it isolated with a fence or something? will it help me fight?? will it protect me from aggressive enemies? if it turns into an adult do i need to feed it? and what food should i feed them.. seeds and berries are the only options?
  17. what older version? can you specify the version that i can use
  18. i usually see what mods are activated when i open the game.. and even after deleting all the other mods it still dont work on me,, ill just w8 for you to get home and hopefully u can help me fix it.. thanks and take care on your trip way home..
  19. mine is rev. 99241 im guessing im outdated by 1 or 2...
  20. so i should remove the folder of the mod.. and just copy the files in the DS mode folder?