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ok yes i used the noobish title on purpose but lets get real, in pvp its going to be inposiable because of spider nest that he is obvisalble going to camp, and if you do kill him he can allways haunt his own heart before you can get to it and revive himself, also he is a great troller because of the spidernest, fend it off for about 10 days and its game over. i like webber but there should be some restritions on where you can place it. meh ohwell back to burtally murdering wilson's allready death corpse with my spider friends.


acutally, you know what? just let it slide, just dont let him build nest wereever he wants, and how long it takes nest to grow, unless everyone is webber :D

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it amazes me how people speak  on something they have not even tried or tested, on an update that will not have Reign of Giants at its testing or general release.


By that time RoG and Webber (and Adventure Mode, and Caves and the Teleportato) are updated into DST, user feedback will have addressed inequalities so severe, that Klei will have made updates in the game. 


Heck, the Ghost mechanic was so bothersome, they completely did away with it and made resurrection with 20% global health loss to punish griefing and this was before we even tested it, so rest assured our feedback will be thoroughly focused on. 




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I don't think, global heath loss can punish griefing, if anything it is the griefing tool. Keep dying intentionally and beg for resurrection, or kill someone and leave the server. It does make you to care about others, tough, if you plan on staying on server.

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