[Gameplay] - Portable Server Alert Status Glitch

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Portable Server Alert Status Glitch

Issue Description: Details: Deployed Portable Server 3, which was then discovered by a guard, and then treated as an "intruder". The guards DID NOT attempt to destroy the server.

Alert status caused other nearby guards to converge upon location, upon which they all entered alert status, aiming and shouting at the poor, hapless server. A "chain reaction" of alert statuses ensued.

None of the guards fired at the server, or changed from alert status. This meant that for each step I took, there were multiple "warning" tones, which quickly became very annoying.

Every single guard in the map, even at alarm level 6, converged upon that location and entered alarm status. If they couldn't get line of sight on the portable server, they remained stuck behind another guard, yet remained in perpetual alert status.

Summary: This glitch is serious, and potentially game-breaking. If it works for the player, they can freely explore or complete any map objectives while every guard on the map is busy either shouting at the portable server, or attempting to converge upon its location.

If it works against the player (as it did for me), this can mean a no-win situation. I had two agents down close to the portable server. My third agent had all of the tools necessary (cloak/meds/meds carried by downed agents) to deal with the situation under normal circumstances. Furthermore, the elevator was located beyond the portable server, with no alternate route to it. Even if I sacrificed the downed agents, there was no possible way to exit the map.

Klei, I LOVE your work, and this has not at all soured me on what is shaping up to be one of my favourite games ever, but this is definitely an issue that requires attention.

Steps to Reproduce: (1) Try deploying a Portable Server 3 in a large, open room with multiple entrances.

(2) Get one or more guards to detect the portable server.

(3) If this doesn't trigger the issue, try having one of your agents incapacitated close to the portable server.

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I also experienced this bug, but I was able to just move around the two alerted guards and manage to pick up the server right before darting into the elevator next to it, to end the mission.


I found this report when I searched for the bug, which seems to cover the issue.


Wade responded with this:


Yup, this is a known issue that happens for all of the Portable Servers. We are currently looking into the issue and should hopefully have it fixed in the next couple of updates.


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I had a similar issue after last patch :

Portable server got found by camera drone :

Guards ran to it, and overwatched it.

Internationale folded the portable server.

The guards were frozen (ie nothing happened during their turn).


Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC
Issue Title: Portable Server Alert Status Glitch
Issue Description: Details: Deployed Portable Server 1, which was then discovered by a guard, and then treated as an "intruder". When recovered, the guards' turn froze.


INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccess_Sept16.111107 USER '25304366@steam'
OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1
GAME 2.2.initial_escape.ftm_guard.2203125413
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