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  1. Selling augments at nanofabs would be even better. You can already see the price of your agents augments, but you're unable to sell them.
  2. Parasite is definitely back in consideration as a starting program. I like the change. I managed to play a little with Xu. At first I was surprised that he didn't have a default neutralizer, but found his ability to disable mainframes (without activating daemons) a very useful feature. I'll have to go after acquiring a neutralizer early on, and see how he fares in the different type of missions. I'll also agree with the two gentlemen above about the cybernetics terminals. It's too big a gamble for me to just grab an implant with an agent, without knowing what the effect will be. I'll probably avoid these missions in its current iteration. Overall very happy with the build, and I appreciate the further efforts to fix the instant overwatch/shot bug. I haven't observed it myself yet in the new update. I love the work you're putting into the game Klei. Keep it up.
  3. Thanks for the swift response. I searched to see if the issue had been mentioned after the hotfix, but didn't see it mentioned in any of the forum categories, so I wanted to mention that it's still not fixed. Looking forward to a definitive fix.
  4. I should add, that the shooting guard only spotted it after moving into a new position. So in that case he moved into position, saw his buddy being down and pinned. He didn't observe the actual takedown.
  5. I find myself getting instantly shot more often now, compared to before the quoted hotfix build. Three times it happened just in the last 2 hours. I stopped playing out of frustration, when it happened the third time. The last time it occured was when I was in melee overwatch mode in front of a door. In the guards' turn, one guard comes through, gets taken down, and another guard spots it behind him further down the hallway, goes into overwatch and shoots instantly. Can't remember if it was the same case the other two times.
  6. I don't see it as an option for a starting program for me, in its current iteration. But that's because my play style is to try to finish all missions before alarm level 4. With parasite 1.0 as your only hacking program, I think I'd often have to go into level 5 or 6, at least until getting the funds and the luck, to find another good hacking program to accompany it. As I've stated before, I don't really mind the nerf, since it has forced me to try out other builds, making for interesting and fresh gameplay. The rapier was a welcomed introduction as a starting program, so I'm playing a lot with that for the time being. I've sunk 60+ hours into the game so far, have completed story mode on normal in all Early Access builds, but I still feel I'm improving my tactical game and keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work.
  7. I love the new Data Blast program. I don't know how rare it is, but I got it early on in my first run tonight and it made things much easier. A little OP at the early stage I'd say, unless it's a rare item. Then it would be a really nice treat. Parasite 1.0 was my go to hacking program before this update, but I don't think I'll be starting out with it anymore after the nerf. I don't mind that though, since it often felt very powerful (at least with my play style). I tried out the Rapier program in my second run tonight, and it seems you'd have to go for another hacking program pretty fast. Could make for some very interesting runs.
  8. In the final mission yesterday, one of those buggers (pun intended) fizzled around a narrow corridor I needed to move through, blocking a hack on a camera in an adjacent room, forcing me to blitz my way through the room. Ending in the inevitable take down of both my agents. I guess the mission might (just might) have gone a bit better, if I managed to take down the null drone.
  9. Now that you mention it. The "label" did say "Kill". I'll grab a screenshot and report it when I get to try it out again, unless someone gets to it before me.
  10. I just tried this yesterday in the final mission. I could shoot it. The hit registered. But the null drone didn't die. In retrospect (after I failed the mission), I thought to try and shoot it more than once, which would be my next attempt when I get to the final mission again.