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  1. Despite your fine efforts, I experienced an instant shooting in my very first endless run in the latest build. (Guard entered room, saw Internationale, fired immediately). Here's to hoping you can finally sort this tricky bug!
  2. This is a fantastic update. Excellent work, Klei. Diving in right now!
  3. Well, egg on my face...this is something I hadn't experienced after roughly 170 hours with the game! And I'm a regular hacker of said drones, too. It just never occurred to me. Klei, please disregard the third point in my post above.
  4. Ok, well I've experienced the following: (1) Stepped (foolishly) into an unchecked room, and been immediately shot upon detection (overwatch straight to execution). This was by one guard only, and no other guards on the map were alerted or on overwatch at the time. I haven't seen this since the most recent update, but I also haven't actively tried to reproduce it. (2) The most common, and the one that still occurs regularly enough to be a concern, is when an unrelated action or status change somewhere else on the map causes a guard who has, during that turn, detected and gone into overwatch to shoot the agent in question. This shooting doesn't happen immediately- the other action/status change occurs, and then it comes back to the guard on overwatch, who fires. I note that this occurs less regularly than before the most recent update, but it is still an issue. (3) This was a weird one, and I wouldn't know how to reproduce it. My last endless run came to an abrupt end because of this: - (i) Banks was spotted by a guard and a camera drone. Guard went into overwatch. - (ii) I brought Deckard in behind the guard and took him down with a regular neural stunner. Both agents were now within the camera drone's sight line. -(iii) A shot immediately rang out, but from where? No other guards had line of sight, or were anywhere near the event. It was a ghost shot, and it took out Banks. All primary keyboard and icon functions then stopped responding. I couldn't select or move any agents. I could only use the mouse to end the current turn, which is what I did. Next turn, a nearby alerted guard entered the room, placing Deckard under overwatch with nowhere to go. *Note:- I didn't make a bug report for this final one, as I have never seen it before. I'm going to try to reproduce it first, but the conditions are pretty specific. Anyhow, it's still shaping up to be a great game, and I'm sure these wrinkles will be ironed out eventually.
  5. Hi Jamesl. Do you mean post overwatch bug experiences in this thread, or elsewhere?