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Welcome to my roleplay thread!

It's just a little RP that anyone can participate in (provided they have a good character!)


The Story:

Long ago, in times immemorial, there was only good and evil. The embodiment of good was known only as Nopas- he was just and pure, and he fought tirelessly against the One Evil- Karanat. Soon, the two met in what was to be their final clash- and it was mighty, sending shockwaves through the heavens. After a long, weary struggle that dragged on for millennia, Nopas struck the final blow, splitting Karanat into eight Aspects of Evil and creating a new world.
Nopas saw potential in this world, and he named it 'Regalia'. Thus, he created the pigmen, and the hounds, and all other life that graces Regalia to this day.
But soon, the eight Aspects of Evil created their own lifeforms- creatures of pure evil, creatures that even Nopas feared.
It was they who corrupted the young man known as 'William Carter' and changed him into the demon, Maxwell.
As is typical for the Dark Ones' victims, Maxwell began pulling many creatures into Regalia from another dimension.
And it is from there that our heroes arrive in Regalia, prepared to take on the Aspects to gain their freedom.
But they do not know what happens when the Aspects recombine.
And perhaps they shouldn't.

(NOTE: 'Our heroes' are not Wilson and the others, they will appear later.)


The rules of Character Application:

The application must be detailed.

There must be:

A backstory


Appearance details

And of course, a name.

I'll show you an example with the character I'll be playing:

Tan'Dinganos (known to most as Dingane), the Lord of Lies

Tan'Dinganos was the youngest of the eight Aspects, and was one of the more intelligent. It was he who suggested the creation of the Dark Ones, and he who ordered the corruption of William Carter. As the Lord of Lies, he was easily able to manipulate his brothers into obeying his commands, and via deceit alone he rose quickly through the Hierarchy of Hell. Finally, he decided that he would claim the throne by eliminating the only real threat left: his oldest brother, Az'Modani, Lord of Pain. But Az'Modani was much stronger than Tan'Dinganos, and after a long, hard fight he cast his younger brother down to Regalia as a mortal. Furious, the young demon decided to make his way to the Caves of Hell to cast down his brother and as such he adopted a new name: Dingane.

Age: several millennia, biologically 19


Lord of Lies: Dingane can manipulate animals into doing his will.
Family Connection: Due to being an Aspect, demons are more likely to spare Dingane.
Well, I am an Aspect: Dingane has gnarly fire/darkness manipulation powers!


Arrogant: Dingane is very, very arrogant and as such is often attacked by friends.
Anorexic: Dingane has no idea what food is, so he barely eats, grossly overestimating it's nourishing powers.
He's always watching: Az'Modani is always keeping an eye on Dingane, so demons know where he is at all times.

6'7, black hair, red eyes, extremely thin.


The roleplay starts when there are 4 approved characters.

And one last note: you think your choices won't have major consequences? Yup, they will.

Have fun ignoring this thread roleplaying!



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( as if im in too many roleplays)

why not! im not in too many roleplays or anything,



Name: Luna

Age: 14

Race: werewolf

Looks: long silver hair, dark gray wolf ears , bushy dark gray tail, gray eyes, sharp nails, sharp teeth, she wears jeans ripped at the knees and a silver hoodie wolf form: silver fur with a hint of gray and dark gray eyes.

ability's: wolf form , long nails and sharp teeth. 

cons: unable to control wolf form, wolf form only comes when angry and will attack allys unless stopped she also transform at the full moon.

backstory: she was raised by wolfs, but hunting season came and her pack was killed she tried to go back to the human family she had run away from but they were dead too she had no place to go and wished away out of this mess and wellllllll you know the rest.


Name: Emma

Age: 1,000,000- 1,999,999

Looks: long gold hair,  combat boots, a assassins creed looking outfit, VERY green eyes, cat ears and a cat tail. demonic: long claws instead of fingers, sharp teeth ,a tail with spikes, green eyes

ability's : demonic form, anything cat related such as transforming or summoning cats, fireballs, good with herbs, and diamond daggers

cons: unable to control demonic form , will attack ally's and pain does not mater, powers have a 10 post recharge.

backstory: every world has a demon, she was that demons child, taken in by her uncle she lived a normal life, she received two daggers made of diamond from her uncle, but then her father came and killed the uncle she was blamed and cast out from the village she lived in a cave learning her powers for many many years till one day her demonic from decided to go on a rampage, she was thrown in jail for murder, in jail she sobbed and whished for that one day to be changed. *poof* Hello don't starve.

race: human/ demon / cat

title: the cat demon




pick which one you like, if I can have both great if not well ok then.

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Name: Theodesius de Sol

Race: Human, Sun Priest

Gender: Male

Personality: Theodesius is very set in his ways. His ways being to purify the shadows, to vanquish the dark. Anyone who agrees with his cause is his friend, and anyone who doesn't is his enemy. There is no in between. He sees vanquishing shadows as his duty. He trusts anything that isn't a shadow being, and immediately assumes he/she/it is an ally until proved otherwise.


Holy Light- An ability with two uses. The first one being to call down a bright light onto his allies or himself, healing their wounds and reinvigorating them. The second use is to burn the darkness, and damages shadow beings as well as fatiguing them. This offensive capability cannot be used on a non-shadow being, while the defensive capability cannot be used on a being of darkness.

Light Magnification- He will naturally glow faintly, enough to provide enough light so that he will not be targeted by Charlie. However, it isn't quite enough light so that others would be protected, too.

Honor the Sun- Theodesius, being the Sun Priest that he is, grows much more powerful under the sun's light. His abilities are magnified.


Scorned by the Moon- Come nighttime, or an area where there is not adequate light, Theodesius will grow exponentially weaker, to the point of nearly passing out. He requires a light source nearby, and is threatened with death when exposed to too much darkness for an extended period of time.

Mind over Matter- As a priest, one does not often exercise physical strength, and cannot take a hit very well.

Appearance: Theodesius is draped in a large, white linen cloth, decorated carefully with golden streaks. His eyes are an uncommon bright yellow, and his hair has been dyed gold. He is rather tall for a human, standing at 5'11.

Backstory: Theodesius de Sol hails from a long line of sun priests, hence the family name "de Sol". He lived in a medieval-type world, and resided in a kingdom known as Heuloyn. The kingdom was prospering and was in a time of peace, which gave Theodesius time to exercise his priestiness. He led a band of priests known as The Günes, and aimed to destroy all darkness in the realm. The group was well renowned and felt they did their duty well, but Theodesius was never satisfied. He begged and prayed to the sun to bring him a land with more taint to banish, a place that needed him to save it from darkness. A voice rang through his head, offering to take him to such a place. He accepted immediately, soon waking up in a strange world...

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Here's my character. Please tell me if it needs adjustment. I just came up with it so it's a bit rough around the edges.

Name: Shana 

Age: 14

Backstory: Shana was lying in a hospital bed after another failed surgery. The doctors did everything they could after the accident, but it was no use, she still couldn't see a thing. She couldn't even cry about it, her tear ducts were singed beyond use. Nothing could give her her eye sight back. At least, that's what she thought until a voice, seemingly coming from the darkness itself, said otherwise. After accepting the deal, she wasn't greeted with the light of the world. Instead she felt two large hands wrap around her body and pull her down through the bed and floor before she could scream. Shana opened her eyes to see a bright blue sky above her. Her joy quickly turned into confusion as she surveyed the change in her surroundings. Her eyes came across a pond near by and she walked up to it, gazing upon her reflection in despair. The scenery wasn't the only thing that changed.

One With the Shadows: With a bit of concentration, Shana can become a shadow. It this form, Shana can not touch physical things directly. Instead she manipulates the objects shadow to get it to do what she wants. She also can not go into bright light, and if she finds her self in bright light in this form, she suddenly gets knocked back to normal and becomes unconscious. Even while out of shadow form, she is very quiet and usually goes unnoticed.
You Can't Hide From Me: Shana can see the shadows of things that would normally be invisible or hard to detect.
Shadow Conjuring: This is pretty self explanatory. Shana can do a small amount of shadow conjuring.

Weak of Will and Body: Shana is a pushover and will rarely speak what's on her mind. She is also not very strong.
Pacifist: While not completely against violence, she will only use it as a last resort.
I Have a Dark Side: The more she uses her powers, the more her shadow self takes over. She will become crueler, more prone to violence, and will do what ever is best for herself, regardless of what it will do to others.

Appearance: She is very pale, almost white, and thin with long, strait, jet black hair. Her eyes have been replaced by dark spheres that sends a chill up the spine of anyone that looks at them. She wears black pants, a white turtle neck sweater, and a grey cloke that obscures her eyes. She also lacks a shadow.

If both mine and blew's characters are accepted we're going to have some very interesting interaction.
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Species: Treeguard

Appearance: Spriggum is a giant, walking pine tree. He stands about fifty feet tall, a feature acquired by his very, very old age. His needles are a dead, orange-looking color, and he has three arms, the extra protruding from his side. His trunk is hollow, and contains his organ system. Backstory: Spriggum was once a member of the Entmoot, a meeting of the strongest and wisest treeguards. Being only a small, normal treeguard, unburdened by thoughts of vengeance, Spriggum was very proud to be with them. However, one night, a crazed pyromancer attacked one of the meetings. Though the treeguards fought their hardest, they all burned to a crisp in the end. All, except Spriggum.

Holding the corpses of his dead friends, a feeling of indescribable hate and anger rushed through Spriggum. He absorbed the last bits of life force from their logs, swearing to each of them that all of humanity would pay for their crimes. In doing so, he gained wisdom and power. He then set off to purge humankind from this earth.

Personality: Spriggum usually tries to kill anything human on sight, sparing other races until they offend the environment. However, he never hurts children, as he views them as saplings that he should protect. In rare circumstances, however, he can learn to trust some people, and even befriend them. Spriggum refuses to harm anything from nature.

Advantages: Spriggum's main advantage is, unsurprisingly, his strength. He can shatter entire ribcages with just his bare hands, crush things with his weight, and punch people into next week. Besides that, there's not much more to be said.

Disadvantages: Spriggum is very slow, half because he's enormous and half because he has to make sure he doesn't crush anything important. As such, he's also bad at dodging attacks. A small fire will hurt him alot, but an uncontrolled blaze is almost sure to kill him.

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Looks like my character's gonna try to kill yours again, Mena.

Well, Shana looks like a regular girl except for her eyes, which she keeps hidden with her cloke. So as long as Shana doesn't lower her hood or use her powers maybe she can earn his trust and- you right he's probably going to kill her :(
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Well, Shana looks like a regular girl except for her eyes, which she keeps hidden with her cloke. So as long as Shana doesn't lower her hood or use her powers maybe she can earn his trust and- you right he's probably going to kill her :(

Well, if she keeps herself hidden, she has a good chance of befriending Theo. But he'll turn on her the second he finds out, no matter what. Be warned.

But, considering Shana is human, she has a good fighting chance. Theo is only any good at killing shades and shadows and the such.

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Well, if she keeps herself hidden, she has a good chance of befriending Theo. But he'll turn on her the second he finds out, no matter what. Be warned.

But, considering Shana is human, she has a good fighting chance. Theo is only any good at killing shades and shadows and the such.

Well, Shana is mostly human and kinda part shadow now, hence the eyes. Maybe Theo's attacks just don't work as well because of the mostly human part.
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Well, Shana is mostly human and kinda part shadow now, hence the eyes. Maybe Theo's attacks just don't work as well because of the mostly human part.

Maybe Theo would even be able to "cure" Shana of her darkness. The synergy is real!

Geni, to be honest, just because they have similar powers doesn't make them the same character. Especially when said power is used or has been used in one of nearly everyone's characters.

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Maybe Theo would even be able to "cure" Shana of her darkness. The synergy is real!

Geni, to be honest, just because they have similar powers doesn't make them the same character. Especially when said power is used or has been used in one of nearly everyone's characters.

yay synergy!

We probably shouldn't be getting so excited. Our characters haven't even been approved yet! XD

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I have two characters (I am putting 2 becuase I didnt know if you would accept Wren)




Wren has simply lived in the dont starve world his entire life facing the many challenges that come with owning a territory. he has owned a small wooded area and fought off the challenges that come with it such as hounds and spiders. 


Wren can make Fire through his mouth and fur, he can only do this when he eats enough wood, flint, charcoal, etc. he also will only eat meat.

Wren is also an animal, therefor he is extremely aggressive but also extremely curious about the world around him and new things. he also loves food and will make friends that way. he only gets aggressive if someone trespasses or ruins something of his








She is a human


Kayla was an artist in the normal world, she loved painting and drawing in her sketchbooks and she attempted to sell her work. unfortunately she lacked the money to continue living in her home and no relatives would allow her to stay with them, not even her parents. with the pitifully small amount of money she had remaining she bought a sketchbook and drew away in an alley. Maxwell then told her about a place she could stay and handed her directions to it. she didnt question and decided to accept the offer. she went to the place that was very far from any city but she found it was very very old. -it was Wilsons cabin- . when she started to explore she found the attic filled with odd machines and most noticeable a door. curiosity overcame her and she made the wrong decision of pulling the lever.


She can turn into a paint cat, this basicly has no advantage besides she can paint with her paws and hide in small places. she also brought her sketchbook to the next world but it also doesnt help anyone. she is always hungry and loves to eat




she is 22 years old

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(Spriggum, Shana and Theo have been accepted. The roleplay begins!)


The call of a crow rang in Tan'Dinganos' ears. Feebly stirring, all he knew was that he had been betrayed.


He had never seen Regalia like this before. Tan'Dinganos was thoroughly shocked at what he saw- his brothers had only informed him that it was Nopas' latest project and nothing more.

His brothers.

That thought sent rage pulsing through his every vein- and that made him see that he was no longer a demon, but a mortal creature.

Then Tan'Dinganos noticed that he was in a crater. He turned to face the floor and screamed, at the top of his lungs:


Infuriated, Tan'Dinganos crawled out of the crater. The Caves of Hell were to his west- he had a sense, the sense of home.

He set off, then paused. People could not know it was him.

And in that instant he took a new name:


(Hope you like it...)

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Theodesius de Sol woke with a start, surrounded by scattered trees. Although he had been laying in the sun, his head spun as he got up, and felt weak despite how powerful the sunlight should have made him. He quickly dusted off his cloak before looking looking around, frowning. What he had wished for was a world encased in darkness, but it seemed rather tranquil here. In the distance, a red bird flapped out of a tree and off into the sky, it's specific features too difficult to make out on a distance. "Hello?" He called out, wondering if anyone, or anything, else was there.

As Theodesius shouted, he decided it best to find supplies. He hadn't been prepared enough to take what he needed, or, even anything, into the world with him. But that was no matter, a few berry bushes were already in sight. He threaded carelessly towards them and began collecting the small red fruits. Had he not seen that same red bird fly down and pick one of the berries, then fly off, he would have suspected them dangerous. But now, it was no worries. Not a meal fit for a priest, but it would do.

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Dingane continued walking onwards towards the Caves of Hell. He knew they were hundreds of miles away.


He saw a crow. 'Heh,' he muttered. One of his brothers' watchmen.

Dingane didn't hesitate in using his darkness to send the wretched thing back to where it came from. Az'Modani knew where he was anyway.

He heard a shout.

One of Nopas' damned creations, probably.

He quickly fashioned a Terrorbeak out of pure darkness and murmured, 'Take me to whatever created that sound'

The terrorbeak quietly growled, then bent down and picked Dingane up with his beak.

As a horrible, cold, asphyxiating sensation washed over him, Dingane smiled, knowing that the source of the sound was due to meet his end...

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A titanic pine tree that towered over all the others watched over the proceedings, and watched is not being used figuratively in this case.  Spriggum didn't have eyes, or any real sensory organs for that manner; rather, he was mentally connected to every living thing in the vicinity, and they all created a sort of map in his head.  When the bushes informed him of the loss of their berries, he immediately grew suspicious.  Requesting further information from the grass and insects hiding in it, he knew for sure.  Humans!  Two of the filthy creatures, it seemed.  The ent began the slow, loud process of awakening his body.

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(This is assuming he sent the terrorbeak to Theo. if not, please let me know and I'll delete this.)

... But it was quite likely that he was to be proven wrong. Theodesius de Sol hadn't seen the threat yet, but as he stepped into the sun to decide where to go, he finally saw. It was a large, four legged beast of darkness. Its smooth back twisted up into a large beak with intimidating teeth. It's eyes seemed rather blank to Theo, but a threat nonetheless. In his large jaws seemed to be a... A man?

"Beast of darkness, your time has come!" Theodesius shouted, and a brilliant stream of light coiled around him, emerging from his now glowing palms. He was still rather weak, but the light would be enough to extinguish that beast. Or so he hoped. "You, in the beast! Friend or foe?" It almost appeared that the beast was carrying the man, but it was also possible it was attempting to eat him, from Theo's perspective.

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