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I thought this couldn't happen!

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The wiki is made by players, unfortunately sometimes they are wrong and sometimes things change. I know for certain that the red hound limit is not one as I have had 2 attack me in the hound pack, also the hound pack size is chance.

A possibility however is that one hound got stuck previously and the new hound wave got him free resulting in a larger hound wave.

Hope this helped :)

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Hounds are easy to get rid of. Just make sure you have like 10 monster meat or something lying around in the middle of ur base. And they will all go for that, while you chop them all down 1 by 1 :)

- - - Updated - - -

Or as Soon as you see them, just drop some on the floor. They will target monster meat before you :)

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I also don't think the hounds ever despawn. So if they are far away from you, and you sit on your island farming berries . . . you have a greater chance of encountering a huge pack later, or multiple packs. I've never encountered more than five, but I tend to hunt them down every few days if I can so they don't get a chance to build up population.

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