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  1. Wes your awesome! You just need to exercise and get stronger
  2. I was walking around my new world and i found pig houses with like their own kind of farm. There were 2 areas of 9 berry bushes in the shape of a diamond and 3 areas of 9 carrots in diamond, in a perfect diamond shape, is this part of the update?
  3. Has anyone noticed that all the characters names start with a W? Wilson, Wendy, Willow, Wolfgang, they all start with W. Does this mean anything or is it coincidental?
  4. Ya it really blows, I would really like a hotfix for this before you guys go on your break. Just so we don't keep losing items that we can grab.
  5. Ya it was near the coast with me too, it wasnt in the ocean. It just disappeared, I could have grabbed it.
  6. They said they fixed the tiems falling into the ocean bug, they did, but when an item is close to the ocean and I can grab it, it disappears before I can grab it, its really annoying, I lost gold, wood, stone, charcoal, and other items to this :/
  7. Has anyone encountered their ocean just being cut off before? Like it isnt there anymore, its just black.
  8. P.S. I need to start over my computer crashed while I was playing so when I had a chance to play again my save was gone
  9. I'm not going to accept anymore challenges right now sry I'm working on these atm and I have an idea to kill hounds and spiders without killing them myself
  10. sry, i didnt speed up the vid and there wasnt any higlighted clicking wen i watched it be4 posting, its never done tht be4.
  11. Here is the first episode I'll do another tonight or tomorrow P.S. I couldn't get any music in the vid, wouldn't work for some reason :/
  12. I've decided to go with Quincy's, buttercup's first challenge, and Rayze Darr's challenge. I'll do them all seperately starting with first posted to last posted. I'll post videos here of me playing so you can see I did it I'm going to start now so I should have the video up in a bit hopefully
  13. So I got bored and wanted to start a new game and Idk what to do. Any challenges you guys wanna pose? I'll record it and post me doing them too.