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  1. yeah i find it irritating to have a cooking recipe guide, it just make me feels that it is completed, it is isn't it?
  2. Probably everyone, Lol wet goo
  3. The Meat Tree

    This is good, mayb you could make it possible for hounds to eat the meats off the tree and possibly the whole tree get taken down, leaving NO saplings remaining. It is pretty much like defencing the tower but with good rewards and a risk involving it. It would be so funny to have a pig village nearby it and once in awhile they will group up and attack it.. lol
  4. I feel that the swamp is good as it is o.o But being the most dangerous biome currently is kinda not challenging at all lol I pretty much rely on crops instead of Jackalopes once I get the farm going
  5. I think reeds re-spawn per day? Its best to bring 6-8 honey, log suit and spear. If you want to hunt for tentacles, just do hit and run but be sure that the direction u running to is not towards another tentacles, they tend to group up nearby each other to get a hit land on ya. Normally would be 2-3. I suggest you move downward to explore the spawn, move upward when escaping cause it just seems to me that moving upward is faster than moving downward or is it the same? I'm not that sure but to me it is faster And spots with monster meats lying around = tentacles
  6. Wendy's a Triplet!

    Whats gonna be next? Quadruplet ?
  7. Tactics agains Treeguard

    Just poke it a few times, doing hit and run method,it is just too easy to dodge, kinda get bored sometimes
  8. Multiplayer Petition.

    It will be so fun to attack other players for survival in the night. Or well, harmony.
  9. The most i experienced is 6 with 2 of them being hell hound and it wasn't even 1 month yet