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  1. This really is the heart of my issue with Don't Starve. I loved the challenge when I first started, and then I got into a boring routine once I "conquered" the world. Nothing ever changed. So I died from sheer carelessness brought on by boredom and restarted on a new map. The new map was fun until I realized there was nothing new to see, just a new mix of the same old stuff. It also got very dull repeating the same recipe once again. It was always run around grab flint, grab berries, grab sticks, chop wood, make campfire, etc . . . There is a certain recipe to success and it never changes any more than your initial starting region changes. It's pretty much always grass/berries/rabbits. YAY! . . . . time passes . . . Snore. . . . If you want to keep me interested then the game needs to build in challenge over time. Eventually new things need to show up or be introduced, and yes eventually a new world will help, but if it's just more of the same then their portal system will become just as lame as my constant restarting system was.
  2. All I keep hearing over and over is "Oh no it's not minecraft!" LOL. This is a food based survival game it's all about repetition and being cautious, and just trying to keep alive that little bit longer. It's not about exploring, or building, or your cool base. If you want that do what I did and get minecraft for those things, then come back to don't starve when you have a few moments that you WANT what they are offering. It's not a bad game it's just not about any of the things a lot of us find to be "the fun part". So play a different game for that stuff and this one for what it does offer that is good. There are times I like a good challenge and how long I survived in a hellish world, and other times when I want to show off my castle, or my floating pirate ship, or a contraption made with redstone wire.
  3. I think it's less a problem with kiting and more a problem with combat itself. Unless your fielding an army you don't have a lot of choices. You can hack mindlessly with a tool, with a weapon, you can kite it and repeatedly fire darts, or you can semi kite your enemy dodging in and out depending on it's attack animations. You also can stack ten log suits and a few spears and simply hack away at it while every so often eating a good meal like popping potions in a standard ARPG.
  4. I don't have a quote on all four seasons, but winter itself constitutes a huge bit of work from a programming and balancing perspective. Your talking about basically redesigning each of the existing biomes, adding new creatures, etc . . . It's a lot of work and march is only three months away. Here are some quotes to support that "a lot of work" idea: I don't think it's unreasonable to think that adding all that and balancing it would take more than three months. New creatures need new artwork and new AI, the sanity meter, sanity sapping artifacts, basically an entire set of "ruins" scattered into every biome, and then new artwork for everything in it's "winter" state, finding out how we exploit all the new stuff . . . This isn't even including a new portal system, and other creative things that other people might link references too, like the design art I saw somewhere for monkey-men (could have been a joke) or the idea that if there are going to be two seasons there probably will be all four, or that if snow has been added with the winter cap rain and other weather effects suddenly become a much hotter topic. I hope I'm making sense. Kevin and the other developers are impressive, but this is my first klei game, and I feel it would be a disservice to expect too much from them. That three months of testing and balancing is ASSUMING they drop winter, sanity, and all the rest before the end of this month, and I hear that they won't be in the office from December 25 through January first, so unless they surprise us with a january second SUPER release then we're going down from three months to . . . 2.5? A month? Less? Isn't that expecting a bit much and being a bit unfair to our hard working developers?
  5. I think this game can last just fine as single player, and it doesn't have the capacity to remain a lone survivor game if it were multiplayer. Instead it would quickly become a tribal society game. The most multiplayer we need is some way to compare survival rates and strategies, accomplishments, etc. . . some sort of scoreboard. That said a march release date is crazy talk. The guy who said this is an EARLY beta hit it on the head. To be specific this is the early beta of spring. Winter will need at least as much time, as will summer and fall. Kevin also mentioned ruins of maxwell's civilization and other goodies we haven't even had time to think of yet all of which will require time to be balance and adjusted. Lets go ridiculous and say they release in march, a fake release, and continue putting out full updates and new content for six months ending in september . . . all that does is make people who buy the "full game" get a beta game that is still being balanced, and are now expecting a polished, content filled whole game. Meanwhile the staff has set a terminology that says the game is already done and they are doing just "bonus" content. So the staff starts getting complaints rather than "beta feedback" the game gets trashed in reviews, and everyone is unhappy. Better just to stay in beta till the game is DONE, say around next September, or maybe march 2014.
  6. Pigs are unlimited you can build pig houses, which spawn pigs, and then kill pigs spawned by that house until you get a pig skin to build a new pig house. Kevin mentioned pig houses eventually wearing out after a while, but also that you can knock them down with the hammer and retrieve the pig skin and stone needed to build them so as to replace worn out pig houses with new, fresh ones.
  7. I started today with my old map, which had two spider "cities" all synched up at tier three. My first thought was to try to clear them and see what happened. Needless to say I died to an assault by three spider queens popping up all at once. Prior to that I was doing alright killing spider nests using a ring of traps and a tentacle spike. I'd cleared three nests in a seven nest spider city when the remaining nests spawned queens and reverted to level one nests. Immediately I started a new, experimental style, map and started to explore noting how many spider nests I found and that the first few nests I located all were the normal "synched" level one nests we always encounter at the beginning of the game. Now I could start hacking nests down to De-synch them but that's not going to help with a spider-city I find days into the game or even further in depending on how fast I explore. So my first bit of feedback is to spawn fewer than the old "normal" number of spider nests now that they have the ability to grow and spread. Also they need to spawn at random points in their development right from day number one. I shouldn't immediately encounter two synched nests (unless it was a glitch) but rather nests at different levels of development scattered across the maps. Starting nests also should be more spread out to give queens room to form their own spider cities. Not sure if that helps but that's my initial feedback.
  8. I think somewhere a major point has been missed. It isn't that the game is too hard. The game starts out just right. It's that the game is too short. You should be able to learn to how to survive and then only die if you make a mistake. That gives you a feeling of progress. The problem is that once your surviving you get bored over time. Things don't change enough around you. Then you complain and the developers think the game is to easy. It's not that. We simply need a more dynamic world. Old plants and animals should go through life cycles that make them into new challenges. New animals and plants should unlock and appear in the world over time as you play on a map. Some should be seasonal and appear because you've reached day 30, day 60, day 90, or whatever. Other things should appear as unlocks. Here are some examples of what I mean: 1) You kill lots of rabbits and leave the corpses laying around. Eventually at corpse 1000 or something scavengers start appearing and they have an AI that has them seek out the dead bodies of rabbits, pigs, beefolo, etc . . . if you stop killing animals they stop showing up so much as they spawn from corpses left laying off screen out of sight of the player. 2) Over time dogs keep appearing on the map, around day 30 an actual hound den appears on the map near a concentration of rabbits if that exists on the map, around day 50 prides of lions begin to appear on the plains near the beefolo. 3) I'm farming constantly with turbo farms and getting lots of fruit. Suddenly wild versions of my crops, dropped as seeds by birds, start showing up all over the map, and along with them a new fruit eating bird begins to fly around seeking out and eating those crops, the flocks concentrate on the biggest concentration of plants like hostile gobblers. Later carnivorous weeds start to appear in your farm plots, and they too begin to spread over time changing the surrounding vegetation. 4) As spiders and other big insects spread over the map giant Venus flytraps, dragonflies, and other things appear that eat/fight them and prevent them from simply taking over the map since I alone am not keeping the population down.
  9. More things to find and do would be great. Right now the best thing about the game is building things, and it would be nice to have different projects to do and more ways to shape and adapt to the world around us. More things to build and find would be nice, as would things that would make bases more unique. For instance I have a firepit by the swamp, but there is no option for a fish drying rack, or some totem poles or whatever to scare off tentacles. Either of those would make a swamp camp unique and interesting to look at.
  10. Players should be "challenged" not "punished" that really says it all. Make a resource unavailable, put in a hunger meter, just make it new, interesting, and fun. Not monotonous, boring, and grind-like. If players leave too many corpses laying around spawn scavengers like hyenas, if they farm too much carnivorous weeds might be fun, if they eat just one type of food a nutrition meter may force them to EITHER grow more of the crop and eat more of it, or diversify their diet. If we have too many spiders maybe carnivorous plants in general can eat the spiders to balance things and cut down on the boredom factor? I really worry about the direction the game seems to be going. I don't want spiders to just take over the world. I avoid farming because it is boring and monotonous, but then I don't want to just hunt spiders all the time lest that one creature take over the entire world. Hopefully kevin is taking this into account already but I guess that's my beta feedback.
  11. Actually I find it a lot easier if I don't transplant the grass and saplings, I avoid moving berry bushes as well and simply have multiple camps. In the end it's simply more convenient and fun for me to do different things in different locations. What I'd really like to see is a fish drying rack for my swamp base, and maybe some other things that would make that particular camp fire location more unique and interesting.
  12. This is one reason I don't play as wilson, it's not really a rogue-like survival game if you can earn extra lives. One map, one life, don't screw up! But it's nice to have wilson for new players just learning the ropes, call him the tutorial character. lol
  13. Fireflies are great if your playing as willow, she starts fires in the dark so as long as you don't step near something flammable you can conserve fuel by only using the fire pit to cook or for those times when you hear dogs and such coming. The fireflies let you see everything so you can walk around from one useful item to another using them in the "dark" and avoiding the stuff that would catch fire.
  14. Later it's supposed to. I've heard the game is close to release but this feels like a very early portion of the beta so I don't think it will happen. Winter alone if done right is going to add a lot of creatures and content that will need as much testing as spring has had. The only way I see a march release is if expansions are immediately thrown into beta for a small price. Say release "Don't starve: Spring" and then immediately start on "Don't Starve: Summer" with a nominal 12 dollar fee to get into THAT beta and receive the expansion in progress.
  15. 1) Don't worry too much about death, the game is boring if you don't try new things. 2) You can survive long term with just the starter items, anything more you build is one of those fun risks. 3) Wilson gives you extra lives if you need them, once you know how to play try the other characters without amulets or effigies. It's more fun. 4) Willow lets you conserve resources, Wolfgang is a better monster hunter. Be careful playing Wendy her ghost companion will hurt you if your not careful. 5) Often your great ideas don't work as well in game as on paper, that's part of the fun. Farming gobblers with berry bushes in the swamp, for example, works but isn't worth the risk. lol