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Will the world options be in multiplayer?

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I believe so.

I'm not sure about your comment at Truthseeker, but if this has anything to do with the threads you are making, well it would be better to keep all your awesome ideas in one place, I love reading what you have to say but it's difficult if you have so many and they are all over the place.

Just a thought, keep up the good work though mate.

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Look, as my posting history has showed, i'm against censorship. I like people to express their ideas and views. That does not flow into asking questions that already have been answered though. That's simple yes/no logic, not expression. (If Klei wants to modify or remove anything, it's their "home" as a private board and I respect we're all guests. Moving on.)



The issue I'm bringing up with Tomer 8009 is he constantly keeps making new threads asking questions that the developers have already answered.



(And when i say answered, i mean as in the very first post of the pinned thread new users are expected to read, or using the search bar before making new threads before asking questions. Other forum users of all backgrounds do this here.)


Respectfully, even if English was a person's 6th language, if they spent the time just to read that ONE first post, it  saves threads that nobody needs. is it really that hard to read the first post of each pinned thread? 


Tomer just now has the history or repeatedly doing this and not learning from it.

Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Asking me to stop commenting on threads that are asked and answered already means stop constantly making them.


if Tomer has ideas or suggestions they need to be noted as Ideas or Suggestions (until DST has its own  Suggestions and Feedback when released.) 


If Tomer wants to discuss an existing feature mentioned, then he should ask if it SHOULD not WOULD be in multiplayer.


Finally, further attempts to "ask me" for requests also should use my proper handle name. I'll spel it in English letter by letter, the bracket denoting a space,: T-H-E [space] T-R-U-T-H-S-E-E-K-E-R.



For those translating from other languages, the difference is a SEEKER of truth LOOKS for the truth. a KEEPER of truth is like a bank or even could selfishly hoard the knowledge for their own power and does NOT share the info.


I follow the former (or first) example and not the latter (second) example. 


That's why i keep offering what others have learned as well as what I have to others.


Nobody should lord over others showing how much more they have, knowledge included. (Bullying is not nice, no matter how good intentioned if may have started out as.)  



But this isn't the place for this. Consider this a one-time response to this publicly. further concerns by anybody may be addressed by PM. This is the last time I will explain things like this publicly.



Redundant threads will still be noted for future readers to know where to go, and if somebody is frequently doing that, the report link in the bottom right corner will be used for anything else that needs to be alerted.



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