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What about MODs?

How do you feel about the idea of mods in DST?  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about the idea of mods in DST?

    • I'd love to see that happen!
    • NOOOOooOOoOooOo!
    • As long as I can choose which ones I want on my server.
    • I don't really care...

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Okay, I'm all for mods because it allows for new characters items but I'm also against it because there can be just bothersome cheating to make the game easy... My thought was to basically have settings for servers that allows for only mods the owner of the server has approved. Even if the sever owner has that mod installed it can't be used unless it is enabled on the server (similar to the base game). I know that Klei isn't ready to implement this kind of thing in multiplayer but once we have something that you can play with most glitches cleaned up, why not tackle the idea? (sorry If there is already a forum for this... >-<)

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What I would suggest is that if mods are installed, they work for every world individually. And by that I mean you could install mods yourself, and you could add them (activate them) for the multiplayer world. Sinse it's multiplayer, the mods would affect other players as well probably, but everyone would have access to enabling and disabling a mod for the world. Say, Minimap got installed in the world, everyone playing in that world would have minimap. Thought sisne you can hide it which the developer of the mod had installed this feature, you can just do that and ignore it.

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