Eating all the same thing would give u sickness.

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I actually suspected at first that eating the same thing over and over would do that, and this is a regularly discussed topic around here.

I agree, it shouldn't have to be too diverse a diet to avoid negative effects. Only like rotation between fruit, meat, and vegetables/seeds. I mean, we have all those in the starting area already.

The negative effects should be interesting though. One person on these forums suggested throwing up berries if you eat too many too often.

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That would be cool having to have a varied diet!

Maybe have a simple little dial, half green for veggies, and half red for meat, and you have to keep the dial in balance-ish between the two.

If it goes say all the way to the veggie side, if you try and eat more veggies Wilson could refuse, saying something like 'eugh I'm so sick of berries/carrots/ect'

And could be incorporated onto the current hunger meter, so it doesn't take up more screen space :p

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It doesn't make much sense. I'm not for using things that make no sense just to add difficulty, drama, etc. The suspension of disbelief just gets difficult at that point.

I lived as a carnivore for several years and the worst that happened was I lost 3d vision at night (the vitamin A deficiency was fixed with a multi vitamin).

A vegan with a carefully tailored diet can go meat free without encountering life threatening issues.

You could probably live a long life (long by "abandoned on an island" standards) on just tacos or pizza or Big Macs, or rare beefalo steaks.

Everyone knows that the Beefeaters get their strengths and aggression from the meat they eat.

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