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  1. I wonder if by ice gem, they mean iced gems :DOm Nom Nom.Can't wait for the trailer, I'm sure it'll make everyone who isn't excited, excited.And for everyone already excited, have empty bladder meters. From sheer over-excitement
  2. I would love this to be added. Could have so many funny little things to say; Wilson - "It's getting dark" Lying Robot - 'no it isn't :3'
  3. I'd agree with a shoe slot. Maybe some fashionable snowshoes, ready to trudge you through the brutal upcoming Winter!
  4. Yeah there's a thread somewhere where someone got pictures of all the characters portrait art by renamed the other art 1 by 1 to 'wilson'.filename so they showed up on the mainscreen and took pictures. It's a shame this didn't seem to work for you with the sound files!
  5. Luckily my friend, this will not happen, as the devs are not stupid and won't add crap.
  6. For your first point, i suggest fireflies! Catch loads of them, then you can just drop them round your base to extend the lit up area, and they don't run out They light up a resonable amount, and look pretty Made a feather hat! That's a status symbol right there Alot of things they're gunna be working on such as Winter will mean much of your food sources will die, so when that's added it will hopefully bring in some sort of struggle!
  7. Imagine if spiders didn't drop monster meat? /world ends
  8. He lives a secret life when I turn my back..
  9. Bless his heart, he was all alone in this forest. The rest of the 'herd' were scattered and widely spaced around a plains area, all near the edges of the biome, still yet to find where the Pigking is, if at all there
  10. I really like this, would be a nice little way to add an extra something the more you played. What the actual progressions are, I don't know what I'd suggest, but the concept is cool.
  11. Happened quite a few times, have no idea why! Keep finding random gold scattered around, sometimes near spider dens. Any ideas?
  12. Anyone else noticed this? Ran away from a pack of hounds (how cowardly!) and they eventually gave up, turns out they got distracted by some spiders. Next day I found a big pile of silk where a top level spider nest was, with some scattered hounds teeth and a red gem. It's the little details like this mob interaction that I just love!
  13. Hmm maybe that's need to be set so they ignore empty chests