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  1. To add more difficulty to the game we should get sick by only eating the same things that would make us hunt the area for diversify ingredients.
  2. So my idea is that when we dont sleep at night we would become more tired and we wouldnt recharge our HP by only eating. The straw roll should be one of the few things that would make us recharge our HP and to do it we would have to rest for 3 days no less or more. What do you guys think about it ???
  3. i think we need to be able to move the chests because i used razor on near the chest and the hairs were under the chest and i wasnt able to pick it up
  4. i just think a co op with 2 players is enough more than that would ruin the game, i think. i have been a gamer since i was a kid my favourite game is Dungeon keeper and this game is really got my attention. Well done
  5. This game could be a really huge deal i love it and its addictive, but a must co op and more content likes hundreds of stuff to do with alchemy and farming and loads of stuff. If this game has a co-op it will be REAlly EXcellent. Thank you for making this great game.