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Level/Tier System to Crafting

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So this is mainly just an idea to balance it out in Together so everyone just cant craft anything, as well as something I think would be interesting. Basically, in a new system you are only allowed to craft the most basic of items key to survival for the first couple of days but the rest you will have to earn and will meet certain requirements.


First of all you will gain minor EXP for some things such as gathering supplies ex: cutting down trees, mining rocks, collecting grass, etc. possibly 2 a piece. For bigger things it can reap more EXP like killing pigmen, beefalo, turkeys, crafting would also grant good amounts of EXP varied upon the item crafted and bosses, even sub bosses like the Treeguard would grant substantial amounts of EXP. Bosses would probably be around the 500 EXP mark or so mark, so that if you kill them in your early stages you level up maybe 2-4x in one sitting and at least 1 level up in the higher stages so they still give some reward.


The EXP would only be beneficial for crafting and nothing more. It would meet the criteria of crafting certain items along with other requirements they meet ex: to craft an Opulent Pickaxe you have to 1) be level 4. 2) Have crafted a regular Pickaxe, or to craft an Alchemy Station you would have to 1) be level 7. 2) Crafted a Science Station. Each level you gain opens up more options for what you can craft to ensure your survival, although there is still the other goals you must complete before fully unlocking the ability to craft them. This would make it so that 1 person isnt just the mule gathering everything and the others arent just staying in a secure location camping and crafting. Everyone has to work together and do some work to survival, strive, and not starve together (pun intended).


Also I dont know if the decision of permadeath or respawn/reviving have been settled just yet but I still see alot of ideas buzzing around. What this would also mean for EXP is if that character dies they lose all or some of their EXP, even if they are just knocked out/stunned because a revive system is implemented they will lose some EXP just to make sure they are still weary of their actions. This would make the members of the group with the most EXP especially valuable because they hold the key to everyone elses survival by being able to craft the most, and essential items for everyone else.

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I'm gonna go with no. While the idea is interesting, I don't think turning Don't Starve Together into The Don't Starve RPG Experience would make multiplayer all that interesting, it would make it less about survival and more of an RPG. If my friend is sitting around doing nothing, hes probably gonna starve. I don't think most people will feed someone unless they're actually contributing to the group effort.


Also, pretty sure treeguards are classified under boss, what with the high damage swipe and insanity aura and dropping a semi-rare resource. :p

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Izzy248 You probably don't know but at an early state Don't Starve worked with a similar concept called research points. Those were needed to unlock prototype recipes. 
However it is very unlikely this is going to come back and I for myself don't want it, it has no special sense or use.

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