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  1. You know, now that I think of it I may be SethR's, Son's friend of a Friend's friend trying to be friends with his friends, but I was never that cool so I got rejected...
  2. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Same Edit: Im not even seeing it. He said look at his signature and im all like wut
  3. TF2 Tournament Thread

    oh dear it needs a password EDIT: nvm im a scrub EDITx2: I looked at his steam and stuff and I can't find t
  4. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Tension... Tension everywhere.
  5. "Say,pal..."

  6. "Say,pal..."

    I thought he was being and excuse my language, but an *******. I mean think about it you spawn in and don't know anything. Then this well done man says go find help because I'm not going to help you.
  7. Merry Forum Birthday!

    *claps* Good job!
  8. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Alrighty, I'll sign up if you'll have me.
  9. TF2 Tournament Thread

    Hold on, so can I still join for like a tf2 or is it too late?
  10. Level/Tier System to Crafting

    In theory, if you joined a guy on day 30 he would have alot more benefits then you, overall I'm not a huge fan.