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Firefly problem

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I had a slight accident. *cough*


I had two chests, one containing a stack of fireflies, and I burnt some trees that looked far enough away to me, but apparently they weren't and the chests burnt....with all my precious stuff.  But anyway....


I thought the fireflies were toast but then night came and there they were hovering in the same spot. 


But I only get the option to examine them, not catch them (yes I am holding a net).


Has anyone else experienced this?  Do they need a night to recover from the trauma of being released or something?  Really hoping I can catch them again.

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Exiting the game and reloading seems to have worked - thanks. ^^


The chest is next to a path.  At first all I got was 'Examine 27 fireflies' or words to that effect, maybe it was a glitch because of them getting released from the chest when it got destroyed. 


Now all I have to do is spend 27 nights catching one at a time, since they disappear when I catch one. :(  Hoping all 27 are still there.

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Well that was weird.  I tried but it didn't work, so I waited till night to try and there were no fireflies.  I panicked for a second and then checked my inventory and realised that when I swiped at them the night before with my net I'd caught all 27 at once and hadn't noticed.


Now that can't be right can it?  But still, I have my fireflies so I can't complain. :joyous:

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Fireflies always remain in a stack. There is a bug that when something is just burned, then that spot is glitched, so you can't do some things like rebuild there until re-logging.

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