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[Character Mod] Kaori The Night Hunter

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During night,it's boring to wait near a fire pit to see the next day comming.It's also boring when you are near a Spider/Tallbird Nest and you don't see anything.Or being hunted by a giant . Now with Kaori,it's you the hunter.She has a night vision.She start with a spear in her inventory.Can eat everything.




Health : 150

Hunger : 150

Sanity : 120 (EDIT : Due to her power night vison she have 120 sanity instead of 200)

She have also a small resistance to overheat and freeze.


(For the moment it's still a work-in-progress ! I met some problems with her custom hair so I will update her soon.So I let you discover her for the moment: I used Wendy's hair for her head untill her own art hair style).


To do list :

Finish her own hair style Art.

(For the hair:In front normal,and behind she will have a ponytail)

Change all pictures(Bigportrait,select screen portrait,save slot ...)

Create her own weapons for the hunt

New powers(Maybe I will make her carnivore,because she is strong)




scared :






Normal with a walking cane:






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Looks cool. Can't wait to try it out!

I do some test on her right now before I upload her first version. I make sure all things are good before.

And I'm also waiting for my friend's hair style art.I will take time because the ponytail is kinda a big challenge for him right now :/

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