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Both are challenging but Reign of Giants more so. Gameplay experience wise, Reign of Giants is way more fun than the base game. Personally every game is a challenge early on, the more you play the more you learn. I would say play the DLC first, if you find it tough (we all have at some stage) you can start a new game with the DLC turned off (toggle for on/off before you start a new game).

Warning. Once you play Reign of Giants I doubt you would ever feel to go back to the vanilla game.

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Give the normal game at least several plays first. The dlc is meant to give more of a challenge, and you won't be going back to vanilla afterwards when you've tried. Hah hah hah.

Maxwells Door is the real meat of the game, challenge wise. I'd avoid it for a while. Pick a character you feel most comfortable with, and keep checking up on the Don't Starve wiki for information on items, farming and so forth. 

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Welcome to the world of Don't Starve!

Like others have said, I would recommend learning the mechanics and basics of vanilla before venturing into RoG. Once you can survive comfortably through winter, try Maxwell's Door. After that, start a RoG world and enjoy the new challenges it has to bring! Good luck!

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