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Even skeletons can draw ! (Ask whatever you want !)

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Hey there !

First of all you have to know that it's a new art thread I'm making, here is the link to the previous :




And now, new pics !


Webber IRL :




Why you would fear darkness...




And how They manipulate you...




What do you think of it ?


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I like your drawings. It's simple, but still well drawn and nice.

Thanks ! But if by simple you mean not detailed, I can do way better...with dragons. Just wait for tomorrow, when I'll be back on computer, and you'll see :-)

And you can ask whatever you want :)

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And you can ask whatever you want :-)


You can count on me! Check your inbox soon.

Edit: When I say simple, I mean that you don't need tons of detail to draw something correctly. Obviously, Wilson will need less details than a dragon, haha.

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