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Reign of Giants multiplayer?

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Yeah. I guess there will be "RoG only" multiplayer worlds! I wonder how many people don't have RoG yet would still play multiplayer these days... This all multiplayer thing reminds me of another game I play:

Tanki Online:

You can play with strangers and with people you know. Instead of worlds there are battles to create and it's only PvP game. You can either have supplie battles or no supplie battles which is like RoG and Vanilla for Don't starve:

So PEOPLE who want to turn DS into a war game: GO PLAY TANKI ONLINE OR WHATEVER!!!

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I'm not sure how summer works in multiplayer. Wildfire probably consumes all life.

I am waiting to play in winter and take a sit with my friends near the fire. And hear the Deerclops call, ending with a epic battle between 4 survivors and a big monster.

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