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  1. New character?

    I guess taht cannot be Charlie,and i have my awensers: 1.Now you can revive ghosts in DST,but Charlie isn't a Ghost,She doesn't glow like any other ghost 2.Charlie doesn't realy died,at the final puzzle,a shadow hand takes she and...i don't know what heppen,but she is not ded,just diferent...(SCIENCE!) 2.5-So was confirmed peoples just turn ghosts when they die,and at "2",i said she doesn't died 3.Peoples say she is a shadow monster,but this afirmation is FALSE,how can i prove?It's simple.Insane or NOT,Charlie appears at night to kill you... But have a 30% that be Charlie like...maybe her flower is the cure Whatever this is MY opinion,you have your and i have mine
  2. I guess it don't release at the day one,cause i guess this is their frist game who uses the multiplayer,and belive me,do a multiplayer is to hard. Klei said to:"The game is only a single man hardcore survivor"or something else,but when klei finished the game,they falled in a tedius hole,so they did the Regin of Giants,and when it's done,they see how is their talent and go to the principal point of community "Multiplayer" If you see,u'll found a lot of people asking about multiplayer,they said it doesn't have,but they did U only need to say:"thank you Klei"and not "how many people died waiting this?And why not at the frist day?I'm to mad"
  3. What Does Your Base Look Like?

  4. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    In the Sahara desert, Deerclops can freeze you. Winter.
  5. Amulet and Backpack slot?

    Mod do this,JoeW,Klei or something else not...
  6. Time

    Or Wolfgang: "Who eat all your food? I don't know."
  7. Show me your base

    I still so sad with this...cause some peoples can survive 800 days in RoG,and i can't survive 28...
  8. What i think? "Sure,prepare to enter in my MIND"-Wilson Explore with my friends,die,finally explore caves(not i'm have afraind,and tes i don't have itens for it)kill the Deerclop,cut beefalo worm,kill Hounds like a fuc* yeah,say to every one:"I'M AM THE KING OF THE WORLD"Do badass science,show in their face my Webber.Die by a hot summer,kill everyone,report bugs(i never reported one :/)do the adventure mode(if we can)set them on fire,don't starve(maybe,never die by starve)AND MUCH MORE
  9. Don't speak english very well,sry u.u

  10. I guess all ill have the same format,but,when the host goes to caves,he makes a,votation,if players are ready or not. The same thing is the saving the world,maybe appers a mensage: "The server ill close in X seconds" In the world generation i guess u can enable/disable the PvP,and i guess ill have only a glommer. So let's play together in this summer sis? i'm rly exited :3 Sry,don't speak english very well
  11. Probaly not,maybe if the host have the mod..
  12. So still playing ur single-player,but who likes multiplayer,plays multiplayer sry guys,i don't speak english very well(DON'T SPEAK WELL TO WELL.UNDERSTAND?)
  13. So....this note(i guess u read for a tread)is a type of easter shows somethings what coming and the Don't Starve history,those numbers are codenards. Sorry,bad english