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  1. I guess taht cannot be Charlie,and i have my awensers: 1.Now you can revive ghosts in DST,but Charlie isn't a Ghost,She doesn't glow like any other ghost 2.Charlie doesn't realy died,at the final puzzle,a shadow hand takes she and...i don't know what heppen,but she is not ded,just diferent...(SCIENCE!) 2.5-So was confirmed peoples just turn ghosts when they die,and at "2",i said she doesn't died 3.Peoples say she is a shadow monster,but this afirmation is FALSE,how can i prove?It's simple.Insane or NOT,Charlie appears at night to kill you... But have a 30% that be Charlie like...maybe her flower is the cure Whatever this is MY opinion,you have your and i have mine
  2. I guess it don't release at the day one,cause i guess this is their frist game who uses the multiplayer,and belive me,do a multiplayer is to hard. Klei said to:"The game is only a single man hardcore survivor"or something else,but when klei finished the game,they falled in a tedius hole,so they did the Regin of Giants,and when it's done,they see how is their talent and go to the principal point of community "Multiplayer" If you see,u'll found a lot of people asking about multiplayer,they said it doesn't have,but they did U only need to say:"thank you Klei"and not "how many people died waiting this?And why not at the frist day?I'm to mad"
  4. In the Sahara desert, Deerclops can freeze you. Winter.
  5. Or Wolfgang: "Who eat all your food? I don't know."
  6. I still so sad with this...cause some peoples can survive 800 days in RoG,and i can't survive 28...
  7. What i think? "Sure,prepare to enter in my MIND"-Wilson Explore with my friends,die,finally explore caves(not i'm have afraind,and tes i don't have itens for it)kill the Deerclop,cut beefalo worm,kill Hounds like a fuc* yeah,say to every one:"I'M AM THE KING OF THE WORLD"Do badass science,show in their face my Webber.Die by a hot summer,kill everyone,report bugs(i never reported one :/)do the adventure mode(if we can)set them on fire,don't starve(maybe,never die by starve)AND MUCH MORE
  8. Don't speak english very well,sry u.u

  9. I guess all ill have the same format,but,when the host goes to caves,he makes a,votation,if players are ready or not. The same thing is the saving the world,maybe appers a mensage: "The server ill close in X seconds" In the world generation i guess u can enable/disable the PvP,and i guess ill have only a glommer. So let's play together in this summer sis? i'm rly exited :3 Sry,don't speak english very well
  10. So still playing ur single-player,but who likes multiplayer,plays multiplayer sry guys,i don't speak english very well(DON'T SPEAK WELL TO WELL.UNDERSTAND?)
  11. So....this note(i guess u read for a tread)is a type of easter shows somethings what coming and the Don't Starve history,those numbers are codenards. Sorry,bad english