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  1. For some reason, her flower looks like a jaw.

  2. I guess.I just had an "epiphany'" and thought that boots would add more character visual difference or something. But Klei kinda has the customization covered with the skins feature in DST, which by the by i can't wait for. I actually had a WX-78 related idea a while back concerning the gear consumption. i thought that when he ate gears he should also slightly grow and mutate, kinda like KNACK, but less significant.
  3. I had another idea. Boots. okay for the first kind of boot, there would first have to be a speed penalty when walking on snow in winter(or maybe not, who knows). So this snow boot would not only warm you up but take away the speed penalty (have in mind the speed penalty would be very minor) and i guess also look cool. And it be kinda simple to make but kinda not, maybe like 5-8 silk, 3-5 twigs and either beefalo fur or cat tails. (note: the insulator factor or whatever would also be quite small) And there would also be some kinda shoes for summer maybe, but i'm yet to think of something that would work....
  4. That could be really good actually, but obviously a much wider range of drinks (and maybe foods(maybe not actually)) But after all its just an idea i had and i have no way of making it a reality so who ever *hint* makes it one day *hint* can make it how they like.
  5. If it does give you hunger then it should be slightly harder to make, cause then it would be made for purely food purposes. But it makes sense that you get up a fair bit of sanity cause after all it is very relaxing have a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night in winter.
  6. The ability to make drinks, like hot chocolate which would purely get your warmth up in winter and maybe give you a bit of sanity, or like a cold drink (maybe a milkshake) to cool you down in summer and also sanity. I think that would be super cool. It would maybe need a new device (like a mixer or a blender or whatever). Just a thought...
  7. You can get a mod for Wes and Maxwell and i have had like no problems with it. ( its called More DST Characters
  8. Can't wait to play Don't Starve on the PsVita

  9. When I first started dont starve, I didn't know what walrus camps were, however I had found one and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to my house next to it, so I made some walls around my science machine, alchemy machine ice box etc. And this Walrus camp was my welcoming doormat, (you can tell where this is going) Then came Winter and up popped this Walrus's Camp, now seeing as how narrow I built my house I couldn't get out cause the Walrus canp was blocking my entrance, so I had to sit there while I got attacked up by dogs and shot by darts.... And ends that tragic day.... Btw I was using Wolfgang
  10. We could put this thread on a drip and supply it with a lot of morphine.... And then when we get bored we can let it die in peace... Maybe...?