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Non Co-OP mutilplayer mode?

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Actually, I would love Hunger Games for Don't Starve. Nothing fits more perfectly, really. A bunch of people trying to survive, while Maxwell as the game master lays out traps for them. It fits perfectly, from the concept to the name.


I'd say that in order for PvP to work, there should be strictly confined areas for each player that are guarded by some form of natural hazard for the player to conquer before he can even get to his fellow players. That would require him to firstly harvest resources of his own, eliminating the option of ALL MOST BURN, at least for a while.

but burning makes it all more beautiful....

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I agree that there should be an option for PvP, what's a more challenging foe then another player? There's also the idea of having team based PvP, so you can have the co-op experience and the satisfaction of smashing your foes. Either way you'd need it to be different then just straight up co-op in order for it to work and to be fair.


But I'd love to see some sort of competitive play between players at some point!

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Greifers and the like are only an issue in Public games. Personally, I have no interest in joining a game of randomly assembled people, and I have enough meatspace friends who play Don't Starve to keep me busy :p And the introduction of co-op multiplayer will give me a chance to bring in more of them. (Heavy emphasis on co-op)


However, I don't see any reason not to allow a "PVP" toggle option. The only difference would be that players couldn't hit another player with a weapon (ranged or melee). So if we're going to say "Play Don't Starve with custom options if you want"  and  "Play Don't Starve with multiple people if you want"  then I don't see why we can't also say  "Play Don't Starve and kill your friends if you want". Seems very Lord of the Flies to me. Very fitting. But, I have zero interest in PVP myself. Shrug.


As long as it doesn't start bleeding over into other aspects of the game... As long as there isn't some sort of "character rebalance" or item nerfing or buffing because of PVP or new PVP-specific items... As long as Klei doesn't let Multiplayer and PVP become a parasite... as long as they stay true to Don't Starve, I'll vote yes.


Finally, yes, if you join public games there will always be someone out there who thinks it's hilarious to burn down your base. That's not a problem that one has with the game being multiplayer. That's a problem one would have with allowing unrestricted access to his or her game world. Humans + anonymity = people doing mean things for fun. So I say allow multiplayer, and allow us to password restrict games or allow it to be join by invite through steam.

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OMG people! This is meant to be a miltiplayer SURVIVAL GAME not a multiplayer WAR GAME!!!


Unless you want to make a mod for this to happen, in which case you're welcome to do so, but I don't really think it would be a viable option for the "work together" theme the devs are aiming for in this update. What you're stating here would be backed up if, say, the update had the memo: "survival of the fittest!" Now that's a pretty much more violent title smelling of pvp all over.

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