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  1. Klei, please, oh please... Do not fall into the trap of scaling things up with the number of players present. Don't penalize players for joining a game. You want to encourage players to play together in multiplayer. Before everyone screams "Then it'll be too easy!" hear me out... Diablo is a loot-based game. You add more players, you then increase the difficulty and the loot drop amount and/or quality. It makes sense. More people makes the game harder but more rewarding. Don't Starve does not have randomized stats and loot tables like that. Killing a pig gives a chance to drop 2 different items... adding more players and upping the difficulty does not then up the rewards. The pig will not then drop 6 meats and an epic quality pig butt just because there's 4 people in the game. More people -> Higher difficulty + No reward gains = No reason to bother playing with other people. I want other people there to make the game easier in a team sense. One person work on base expansion, one person work on scouting, one person resource gathering, and the last one start tracking that darned Koalephant, cuz there's 4 of us that need coats now. The sensible answer is to simply up your game's difficulty with the options tab from the get go if you want a brutal multiplayer experience. It's going to be hard enough keeping 4 mouths fed, having the resources of one world split 4 ways, having your respawn thingies work only once when you've got 4 people on the verge of death, having only one Chester. You're going to be burning through grass and twigs for torches at a ridiculous pace. Imagine 4 people murdering bunnies and birds simultaneously. Krampus is going to be constantly raiding. So, before ratcheting up the health and damage of monsters, we need to consider the massive impact more players will have on the economy. If four players means quadruple the Koalephant health... there's no reason to have multiple players there. There's no gain. Especially if he isn't going to drop 4 trunks.
  2. Haha sorry.But, Kevin, I am looking forward to seeing your video interview with Maxwell. I'm curious what he offered you specifically.
  3. The surprise is that you are all, infact, part of an experiment.You see, a couple years ago, a gentleman by the name of Maxwell came to Klei with a proposition. While it is quite illegal to abduct people and abandon them in isolated ecosystems to die, Klei had the resources to simulate that scenario in a video game. And most importantly, being a smaller developer, Klei had a great interest in Maxwell's excessive funds. They sold their souls to the devil that night. But I digress.You are all Wilson. You are all victims of an abduction -- taken from your families, taken from your jobs, taken from your lives in the real world to partake in an experiment. A video game. You've spent precious hours of your lives, trying to survive as your world becomes harder and harder on a bi-weekly basis.Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. This is the final test. Knowing this... knowing what you now know about Don't Starve. Will you continue to play? Will you continue to be a part of the experiment? Will you take the apple?
  4. Love everything in the new patch except that it's still an absolute nightmare for me to find beefalo or any substantial swamp land.Small HUD is awesome, but I would like to tweak it a slight bit bigger via slider as the numbers are a bit difficult to read at a quick glance.Also, wasn't there supposed to be a way to break open iced-over ponds in the winter so you could fish in them again?
  5. Wondering if anyone else has run into this... Playing as Wickerbottom, it takes at least 3 hits with a spear to kill a frog.
  6. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    Lol. I saw the picture and heard the soundclip, and I'm totally up for another horrible beast. My issue is with Krampus acting that way. It's not contributory to his purpose, it doesn't make sense with the lore, it doesn't properly reflect wrongdoing/retribution because the crime far outweighs the punishment.But if Klei wants to send in a Deerclops, I'll totally embrace it. (Because Deerclops is a new Klei-brand monster without "suare peg/round hole" purpose/actions/backstory.) Deerclops can be anything they make it, and I'm excited for that.
  7. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    My only problem with this (and one of the previous posts) is the destruction of personal property. I really dislike the idea of having the things I've built broken by Krampus. Partly because it's messy and annoying. But mostly I dislike the idea of a bunny holocaust being punished by minor vandalism. It just doen't create dread inside me. It creates irritation.I really want to see a more savage Krampus. I do like the idea of him being "a boss mob". In a way, he is the Gobbler of meat. Just as the Gobbler is the Optimus Pine of berries. In that sense, I think he should directly affect meat or the player in some way. If murder is the crime, I think death should be the punishment. Honestly, if Klei's going to stick with the Krampus theme, I say make Krampus chase the player. If you get caught, he stuffs you in the bag, the screen goes black, and you hear horrible crunching noises as you die. Krampus ate you. Game over. I'm definitely opposed to nice Krampus giving gifts. He looks like a psychotic hell-goat. Unless his gifts are a lump of coal and a swift kick in the teeth (or as Dr. Derp said "Chaos, Destruction, and Death") I'd be severely disappointed in how soft he'd gone.
  8. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    O.o This is getting a little de-railed.My hope was that this thread would have a greater variety of ideas from you guys that would address the problems you have with the way Krampus currently is. We have some interesting ideas so far. Some more radical in their changes than others....but I'm pretty sure we can all agree that raising smallbirds to tallbirds and being showered with gold and weapons may not be the best solution for meat-hoarding, a lackluster monster, the concept of naughtiness/player aversion to being punished, etc.I'd really like to see more posts like Kittiko's original post, or Sliver's, Silvi's, or Snob's. Posts that constructively add to the conversation, because I'd really love to see Klei get in on this thread.
  9. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    The issue was that people were abandoning farming in favor of simply killing bunnies. Klei made bunnies run away when nearby bunnies are slain to also mitigate this. That's why naughtiness comes from killing animals. Because meat is so much better than veggies for hunger, and meat requires no prereq items (manure, grass, etc) to be generated.Therefor, you kill animals for meat, it angers krampus, he comes to mess up your stuff.
  10. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    Haha can someone explain to me why we want to keep "naughtiness" when the idea of "being punished" is so off-putting? :PAlso, nobody ever says "I don't like optimus pine, so I don't use wood." Why does Krampus generate that reaction?What's annoying to me is losing random items. If meat is fairly plentiful anyway, and it's a highly renewable resource, I see it being much less of a rage-quit issue.Also, in response to Sliver, I wanted to keep as much of the original Krampus design as I could, and work in the bag and all that, because I think Klei would be much more open to ideas that don't require a remake of art and animation they've already created. Shrug. Just wanted to hold as true to the original as I could. But I do like your idea as an idea for a different creature altogether.
  11. Klei's Red-Headed Step-Child

    The reason I proposed we change his "story" is because of the awkwardness of the morality mechanic. Also, much of it feels like Klei took the Krampus lore and pasted it onto a "make them stop hoarding meat" monster. What was inconvenient was then trimmed out. Krampus is traditionally supposed to steal children away in his sack for being bad. DS Krampus steals your things for being bad. It's a very weak punishment for a crime he feels is so heinous that he's driven to intervene.Personally, I feel like it's a bit of a flimsy "Christmas update" costume. It was fun at the time, and it still makes me smile that we had a Christmas monster. But I think if Klei isn't happy with where it is, and if the community isn't happy with where it is, we shouldn't be afraid to dial it back to a logical point and progress further in a new-ish direction.If the purpose of Krampus was (at it's core) to hinder players from simply farming bunnies like crazy, then it's a bit silly for Krampus to blindly steal anything he can from chests. Also, unless you know Krampus lore, the whole thing makes little sense in a game where there's no explained backstory or reasoning. In my proposal, Krampus steals meat. He takes what you've been hording and leaves with it. This takes care of the problem where players had abandoned farming in favor of rabbit holes. Also, the story is meant to make a little more sense. Here's Krampus (or whatever his name is changed to), here's his meat stash, here we see him taking the meat from your chest and swiping it while leaving the rest of your items intact. You don't need to wikipedia this monster to figure out "Oh! It's cuz I was... bad... for... I guess hurting animals? So then he stole my things? Maybe to give to santa to give to little children? Idk."Like I said... the Christmas theme was fun, but in the end, I think it's what makes Krampus feel flimsy and awkward. I think Klei can create something far more interesting than Krampus or what I proposed. I simply wanted to pitch something I felt made more sense.
  12. Let's resurrect a dead topic. Krampus needs some TLC and a behavioral redesign. I listened to the podcast Kevin linked in the forums earlier today, and spent the better part of my shift at work trying to break down and rebuild Krampus in my head. I have a lot of love for him, and figured it'd be worth my time to pitch my idea and the how's and why's. From here I'll bullet-point what I think holds him back, and what I think would put him more inline with the rest of Klei's creation. - Morality The goal of Don't Starve is to survive. So, the game throws us into a natural world, in a desperate survival situation, then proceeds to unleash upon us the only source of morality. Morality is an arbitrary human construct. It doesn't exist in the wild, but somehow Krampus is meant to embody wrongdoing and retribution (crime and punishment). I realize this comes from traditional Krampus lore, but it doesn't naturally flow with the rest of the creatures in the Don't Starve world. -His Eco-Terrorist Tactics To re-align Krampus, we need to make him a natural force. He needs to be and act like another beast. Don't change the animations, the art, the core behavior, just change his motives. Currently, he messes up your camp and steals your items because he wants to avenge the slain woodland innocents. If all my friends were slain by some wild scientist with a shovel, and I were to act upon my anger, I wouldn't just toilet paper his house and steal whatever I find between his couch cushions. That's what he currently does, and it just doesn't feel right. I propose we overhaul his motivation. Cut the morality, treat him like Don't Starve's version of a dragon. Make him a singular powerful entity. Traditionally, dragon's steal treasure and horde it. They're greedy, powerful, singular thieves. Make Krampus absolutely obsessed with hording meat. Make him run in with his bag, steal all your meat, and run back to his stash with all the zeal a ham-thief can muster. -There's Too Many of Them Krampus doesn't have commonplace behavior -- he doesn't have it currently, and my proposed ideas aren't commonplace either. Beefalo wander around like simpletons, rabbits wander around just outside their holes, birds land and fly away. These are simple actions for plentiful beasts. We've been prepped for unique animals and locations already... Chester, The Pig King, The Teleportato, The Koalephant. We're no longer where we were when Krampus first came out. It's okay to turn him into a singular entity, and I vote we do so. Make one Krampus and give him back his mythical scariness. Multiple weak Krampuses kills the feel for me. -He's Too Weak Nobody fears Krampus now that he's been nerfed into oblivion. In fact, some people even farm him for his bag. We can't have a ton of overpowered Krampuses running around, but given the right behavior, we can have one horrifyingly strong Krampus. Make him as strong as Optimus Pine. Make him stronger. Do what you have to do to put the fear of Krampus back in us. Here's how I envision Krampus-discovery playing out. As the player eats meat, his Meat-o-meter is raised. After a set amount of time, it decreases marginally... just like the current Naughtiness rating. Krampus, being enraged by Wilson engorging himself on wild meats (after all, this is Krampus' land) raids Wilson's camp. He hit's the chest 1 time (ONE TIME. Do not destroy the chest. This enrages players) and all the meat in the chest is ejected (only the meat). Krampus runs around quickly (QUICKLY) picking up the meat. This part isn't designed to give the player a chance to recover the meat. This is there to show the player briefly what Krampus is after. From here, it goes one of two ways. The player either runs from Krampus in fear, and goes to cry among his vegetable gardens (this is the right reaction). Or the player stands too close to (or worse... engages) the Krampus. Krampus wants only one thing. Meat. He's obsessed with hording morsels, drumsticks, hams, everything. And he'll ignore you if you go away and let him take his dues. But if you get between him and what's rightfully his... he needs to leave a lasting impression. We really need to up Krampus' brutality. If the unprepared player has done the smart thing and hidden from Krampus, Krampus runs away to his Stash. Krampus' stash needs to be a unique location on the map. Make it a big pile o' meat, maybe some large bones like a big hollowed out carcass full of meats. Maybe surround it with some sort of primitive idols. Small statues in the shape of Krampuses -- something to set it apart and tie in the idea of Krampus before the player investigates. If the player runs up and hits the meat pile (just like spider dens) a very angry Krampus jumps out of his mountain of ham and attacks the player. If you run far enough away, he'll disengage. If you catch him before he "gets away from you", you recover the things he stole. This should allow Krampus to help mitigate meat farming, and make him a more interesting creature. I wish I had the time to edit and revise this post more thoroughly, but I'm just gonna pitch it. TL;DR - Make Krampus a powerful single creature who's hellbent on stealing meat from the player and taking it back to his cache, because he's a greedy meat horder.
  13. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Anyone else extremely suspicious of Kevin's posts in the Features thread? Well, the last one could be entirely benign. :PBut Kevin likes to nonchalantly drop hints while we're talking about updates. And it's very out of character for Klei to "accidentally" forget to include something in the update trailer that was meant to be shown. And VERY out of character to say "Oh, whoops, we forgot to show you this..." ... three times. Really, Kevin? You posted three times about the things you accidentally forgot to show us?...I'm onto you.
  14. I'm superstoked! Finally, some sort of boss fight? Wondering if she'll roam the world "planting" new spider nests. I really hope it doesn't become some sort of "event" type thing like Terraria did, where you have to summon her. I hope it flows naturally like the rest of the game, and you just find this monstrous spiderqueen with her brood. Maybe a new spiderweb biome?