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Buying RoG

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Hey guys, 


This should be fixed now. Let us know if you have any more problems. 

Doesn't work. I tired the updater, and it just acts as if I never paid, but I got the paypal email saying the transaction went through.

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I bought DS off the website, then RoG off the button on the menu.


After you purchased Reign of Giants using the Humble widget, did you receive your purchase confirmation email? It should contain the link to your Humble download page; and you should be able to download your standalone installer for RoG.


If you're trying to install the expansion to your standalone game client, you'll have to update your core game to the latest version, and then install the expansion to your Don't Starve folder. You'll find more info on installing RoG to your standalone client below.




Let us know if you're still unable to install and play the expansion.

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