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Does anyone know how to use the Fmod Designer to make Don't Starve-compatible player sounds? The program seems to not work with .fev and .fsb files. This is driving me insane! I really need some help. :(

You don't import .fev and .fsb files. You import the projects, .fdp files. I heard there is a program somewhere to reverse convert .fev and .fsb, but I'm not sure. And here is the link to create player sounds. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/27803-tutorial-adding-custom-sound-to-your-custom-character/

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Move all the sounds that you want to use into the same folder,

this isn't necessary, but does make it easier


Open FMOD Designer


Click File - New Project


Create your <filename>.fdp file in the sound folder of your mod ( ie. "...dont_starve\mods\<modfolder>\sound\" )


There should be an 'untitled' goup

click it and look at the main (central) window of the software and see where it says name?

change it to 'sound' in all lower case


There should be an existing event under it, called event00 - just delete it


Now right click the 'sound' group and add a simple event 'talk_LP'

then add two more events 'hurt' and 'death_voice' again in all lower case


Under each event is a playlist, you can rightclick the playlist to add your sound file

You can set the random chance percentage if you want to give certain sounds

more chance of popping up, but otherwise it divides it evenly.


After you have added all your sounds you will want to change the playlist behavior

Make sure it is set to 'Random' and 'Allow sounds to be repeated'


Repeat this for each event.


Under the top menu bar is a second menu bar listing 'Events - Sound Defs - Music - Banks'

Choose 'Banks'


rename the existing Bank to <filename>

Make sure the name change took effect (I had to tab out of the box to achieve this)


Press Ctrl-B and build your bank (this creates you fsb file with the name of whatever you named your bank)


Save and exit


Go into your modmain.lua and add

Assets = {

    Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/<filename>.fev"),
    Asset("SOUND", "sound/<filename>.fsb"),



RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<charactername>/death_voice", "<filename>/sound/death_voice" )
RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<charactername>/hurt", "<filename>/sound/hurt" )
RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<charactername>/talk_LP", "<filename>/sound/talk_LP" )



Then open your characters lua-file and change the line:

inst.soundname = "wilson"


inst.soundname = "<charactername>"
That should do it.


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Maybe it's a bit late to post here but I would thank you very much !

I'm creating my first character and I wanted to make his own sounds. Your post really really helped me !


Thank you again !

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So... there is an issue with DST with imported sounds..... All sounds seem to be played World wide for everyone to hear no matter how far away they are.



in MainMod.lua example:

Asset( "SOUND", "sound/winston.fev" ),Asset( "SOUND", "sound/winston_bank00.fsb" ),RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/winston/shovelbladeequipped", "winston/characters/winston/shovelbladeequipped" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/winston/chargehandlecharged", "winston/characters/winston/chargehandlecharged" )

Then to call it to play and any prefab example:


attacker in this case was the owner of the item, but can be on character events aswell.




So with this setup, all sounds are LOUD, can't be turned down with DST options, and play across the whole world.  Anyone have helpful advise to import custom sounds the correct way?

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How would I go about changing those options, using FMOD Designer, they are greyed out in the Events tab, and not accessible in the event editor> sounds instance properties.... =/


3D Max Distance -> 30: Sadly mine is set to 1000, which is a huge difference... yet I can't figure out how to change this value.

3D Position -> World relative: Is correct and set this way.

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