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  1. Ok, I created a custom item for a character mod that works. All I have to do is add the item's "characteristics" in it's prefab folder. I want this item to give my player the ability to teleport just like the teleportation wand. I tried digging for the Orange staff's prefab file but I don't know how to piece it together. Can you send me a coding text that I can simply copy and paste into my item's prefab file? Thanks a bunch
  2. PITH THE PYROMANCER Subscribe here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please rate this if you like this character mod! I really need it. HUGE HUGE UPDATE Available for Reign of Giants [Perhaps not available for normal Dont Starve Together. (Ill check soon)] Version 1.2.1 Most Recent Update: 5/7/15 Version 1.2.1 5/7/15 --- Major Update ----- *Pith has a Pyronium axe that has infinite uses Damage: 40 *Updated Speech *Update screen selection Picture *Updated several other pictures Version 1.1.1 5/4/15 *Pith's Rain weakness is back online! *Speech is slightly updated* Version 1.1.0 * Pith will not overheat during summer *Pith is working again* *Pith's ability to eat charcoal and ash is removed* Version 1.0.8 Fixed bug that crashed game if Pith speaks about a Worm hole V1.0.5 *Pith is Reign of Giants compatable V1.0.4 * Added more speech quotes *Health is changed to 150 HP instead of 200 HP 3/20/15 V1.0.3 *Pith can eat ash Heals 3 HP V1.0.2 * Fixed Pith being able to mine boulders in two hits * Adjusted Pith's tree chopping ability and made it take 6 hits instead of 4 V1.0.1 *Fixed major bugs Who is Pith The Pyromancer? You’ve never heard of him, because this is the first time he is introduced in public. Pith was a fantasy character I made many years ago. He has a large backstory. He is king of a city called Chargore. During his child hood, his family and his race were eliminated by a dark dragon called Polypticus. As Pith grows up, he is taken care of by Elves and Dwarves, who trained Pith. Once Pith was adult he has unlocked his true power and slays Polypticus. The skills Pith have learned are numerous. Thanks to the dwarves he learned how to chop a tree with one blow, better yet, chop trees without even touching it. The elves trained Pith in basic fighting dynamics and stealth. Pith at some point obtain’s a secret Family Relic. A magical weapon that can take several forms. Made out of a rare metal called Pyronium. Pyronium has a unique property where if it is struck against other metal, it gets hot. Not only that, Pyronium is so hot that few races can touch it. Pith’s powers are unique. He has complete fire resistance, he can wreathe himself in flames, and throw fire. However he has a extreme water weakness. The pain of water is unbearable to him, its like being doused in boiling water. IN GAME PROPERTIES: Health: 150 Hunger: 175 Sanity: 150 Perks: *Immune to fire *He can last through the cold with no warm gear for 1/3 of the day *Can chop full grown trees in 6 hits with an axe *Rain can hurt him *He will wear equiped helmets under his own. *He gets a small sanity boost when he is in close approximity to fire *Will not over-heat during summer *Has his own custom axe made out of Pyronium Damage: 40 Infinite uses Other Features: Current Bugs: ---- Fixed Bugs: *Pith couldnt protect himself from rain damage [FIXED V1.1.1] *Pith would not start up [FIXED V1.1.0] *It takes 3x as long to chop a tree down with a gold axe [FIXED V1.0.1] *Pith can destroy boulders in two hits with a pickaxe... (woops) [FIXED V1.0.2] *Pith takes 3 times as long to break boulders with a gold pick axe [FIXED V1.0.1] Possible Upcoming updates: *Is he too OP? let me know and Ill adjust it
  3. I've been incessantly updating my character Pith the Pyromancer and ran into a few problems. My character mod, Pith the Pyromancer, was created just a few weeks before DST ROG came out. Later I updated him so he can be played in Reign of Giants. A few errors have occurred which I have been eagerly trying to fix. But this one leaves me stumped. In the normal DST Pith takes rain damage similar to WX-78, however I realized WX-78's coding is different in ROG compared to the original. I tried to look in the forums to see if the same problem occurred for someone else and found nothing. So, I'm looking for a code that I can simply paste in. I need to know which file, and which section inside the file. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hey, i have a similar problem. I want my character to be able to just chop wood faster, not with every other tool. If you can give me a code similar to this, where do I place it? modmain?
  5. And in master_postinit, what calls these functions: inst.damage_time = 3 -- same as WX-78inst:WatchWorldState("israining", onisraining) -- trigger health loss if it starts rainingonisraining(inst, TheWorld.state.israining) -- let's check right now, in case the player spawns and it already rains.I don't know what you consider dry clothing, so I made it so any body slot item that has the "waterproof" tag will render your character immune to rain damage. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PIECE OF CODE. I cant put it in words, I've spent hours trying to get his code to work. THANKS