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  1. Have an object that i want to toggle behind normal and .Transform:SetFourFaced(). The reason, during a part of the event the object rotates. However when the event is over I want it back to normal (Non-four faced). Looked around, but can't find the code for it.
  2. min_spacing, the room / distance required to be able to be placed on the ground. Either they can be pretty close or a lot of empty space. nounlock, means the ability to learn how to craft without the need of a research lab after the first crafting. If this is set to yes, then the play must always go to the research lab to craft (think of it like a crafting table).
  3. correct , just like old Minecraft Item / Block ids. Hopefully one day we will get a, GetnextId support for DST.
  4. Blah, sadly that worked for another problem but I have another one... I need this... local dest = Vector3(inst.components.fishingrod.fisherman.Transform:GetWorldPosition() ) local current = Vector3(troupplefish.Transform:GetWorldPosition() ) local direction = (dest - current):GetNormalized() local angle = math.acos(direction:Dot(Vector3(1, 0, 0) ) ) / DEGREES troupplefish.Transform:SetRotation(angle) troupplefish:FacePoint(dest)Rotated by 180 more... It seems the Prefab I have thinks its backwards T_T Fisherman is well the person fishing troupplefish is the fish that spawns inside the pond Texture wise it faces the left <--- head tail ---> but using the follow up top, it always puts it tail facing the fisherman and not the head.
  5. It has been my power symbol since the age of 8, just drew it one day and it stuck (I am 29 now)
  6. I think I might of figured it out... inst.Transform:SetRotation(180) yay?
  7. Rather then having to mess with a anim.zip, possible to rotate a object/prefab 180 deg after spawn?
  8. Finally figured it out, for some reason SpawnHotspot(inst) made it go crazy, I just added an inst:DoTaskInTime(1, SpawnHotspot), which works. Thanks tho
  9. Being going back and forth trying to make them spawn one way, then the other. The collison pond hitbox just keep overwriting the hotspots =/= fishable after that. Also messing around with different physics to see which one ones the best.
  10. Kk, the long story I am making a custom Pond, that is fishable. This pond is... inst.Transform:SetScale(2, 2, 2) --Using the same anim as the normal pond atm, just making it bigger MakeObstaclePhysics(inst, 15.6) --Makes it so its hit box is large and stops player from walking in the water. Now this works, however Fishing is quite odd... It seems the player can fish at this pond from a long distance, to the point of about 3 beefalo away from the ponds hitbox itself!!! So collision good, fishing bad. To fix this issue I was thinking about making another Pond, aka Hotspot. This pool will be inside the larger collision Pond. The collision pond will no longer be fishable. Hotspot will not be using the inst.Transform:SetScale(2, 2, 2), but insteed... MakeObstaclePhysics(inst, 5) --To make its hit box big enough to fix at from the border of the collision Pond. I need a way to place the Hotspot inside the Collision pond w/o the collision pond overlapping it or blocking the players mouse from interacting. Figured using the parent / child thing would be the best route... but as stated above in the thread, is collision pond is a child of hotspot, collision pond no longer has its collision.
  11. So leaving it at 1 will do the trick then? Nope, it spawns quite a bit T_T... hmm.
  12. Looked around the whole thread, what does the number at the end do? room.contents.countstaticlayouts["ResearchLab"] = 1I wish to make a setpiece that only spawns once in the world, much like the pigking.