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  1. I'm looking to make a mod function that will allow configuration of calories (hunger) satisfied by food items I was simply going to change the tuning ie. TUNING.CALORIES_MEDSMALL = TUNING.CALORIES_MEDSMALL *FOOD_QUALITY where the variable Food_Quality would be set by the configuration But then a thought occurred to me, If I change the tuning for the host, would this also change for the client? Or does the client look at their own tuning.lua on their own machine Unfortunately its hard to test If this would only change the value on the host side, But, if so, then I will have to find another way to approach it. I suppose, it should work that the mod is installed by all clients with the configuration set by the host, so it should work either way? Wondering if anyone who understands the code a bit better would know off hand if this would work.
  2. WX Rook Skin - Horn Pokes Out of A Few Hats

    I still don't see the problem... Put a finger on your forehead, then place a headband (or other hat), tilted back so that the band crosses your forehead above your finger. There you have it, the horn remains. Really, the question should be.. where is the horn going when wearing other hats. Honestly it doesn't make sense when the horn simply disappears. The crown simply rests above the horn (sorry- dont have that costume piece so I had to draw an approximation) Anyway I don't think this is a bug, more of an aesthetic decision of the art crew - since the hats you mention are all 'headband' style.
  3. Find your cluster.ini (backup the file before making changes) eg. "C:\...\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1" Edit the file and look for gameplay settings you should see game_mode = survival change it to game_mode = endless
  4. Server locked on "Local Only"

    Find your cluster.ini (backup the file before making changes) eg. "C:\...\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1" Edit the file and look for network settings you should see lan_only_cluster = true change it to false
  5. WX Rook Skin - Horn Pokes Out of A Few Hats

    I don't think this is a bug, all of those hats allow the top of the head to show, It would look weird if the horn just disappeared with nothing to cover it. Put on something like the top hat or winter hat and the horn is hidden.
  6. According to your logs- the issue is caused by a mod: [string "../mods/workshop-514078314/tile_adder.lua"]:75: attempt to call global 'pcall' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback:
  7. Game: Don't Starve Together Version: 305472 Platform: Steam Don't Starve Together: 305472 WIN32_STEAM Issue: After placing a directional sign, many functions of the X-Box controller stop working. I am still able to move around, but many buttons stop working (trigger buttons, shoulder buttons, etc) Disconnecting from the game and reconnecting fixes the issue, but it happens each time.
  8. Category = Graphics Platform = Steam Mods Use = Yes Version Number = Rev 309157 689 17:05:27 WIN32_STEAMIssue title Odd double text appearing when displaying certain building names Steps to reproduce = Play using X-Box controller Not sure if it matters - but I started the game during lush season / currently lush season when I noticed the error Description Strange 'double' text appearing on buildings. Playing using X-Box controller- It seems to only be present on buildings that have text on multiple lines
  9. ...\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\anim\ there are several wormwood files Note that inside the zip files are the atlas.tex and build.bin files You will have to use a utility such as ktools (Krane) to unpack the actual images.
  10. Create New Recipe

    You should be able to figure it out from looking at other character files that have custom items like wikckerbottom and wigfrid This might work (you will have to change the required ingredients) local function custom_init(inst) local nightmarefuel_recipe = Recipe("nightmarefuel", {Ingredient("twigs", 2), Ingredient("flint", 2), Ingredient("goldnugget", 2)}, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, {SCIENCE = 0, MAGIC = 0, ANCIENT = 0}, nil, nil, nil, nil, true) nightmarefuel_recipe.sortkey = 1 end return MakePlayerCharacter("<charactername>", prefabs, assets, custom_init)
  11. ...\common\dont_starve\data\scripts\recipes.lua Also you might notice that Hammer (above) did originally require rope, it was changed in the DLCs ...\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0001\scripts\recipes.lua The reason being that the designers wanted the hammer to be available before making a science machine, which means before refining rope. It still requires the same ingredients (6 cut grass instead of 2 rope) =-=-=-
  12. So recently previously working mod code has stopped working. Now, the game crashes (veggies.lua} when this runs. There is no line 351 in veggies.lua [00:00:07]: scripts/mods.lua(220,1) Mod: waiter-381565292 (Waiter 101 v5.0x) Error loading mod! .../common/dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/veggies.lua:351: variable 'MakePlacer' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'error' D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/strict.lua(23,1) D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/veggies.lua(351,1) in function 'MakeVeggie' D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/prefabs/veggies.lua(357,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'require' D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(242,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'xpcall' I'm sure this had to do with the inttroduction of Wormwood since he can now plant seeds anywhere... It appears Klei has changed the way the game determines crops resulting from seeds,,, but I cant seem to figure out how to fix it. There appears to be a function in seeds.lua that looks into Veggies.lua ...\common\dont_starve\data\scripts\prefabs\seeds.lua I think I would need to insert/append my data into the Veggies.lua VEGGIES table.. ...\common\dont_starve\data\scripts\prefabs\veggies.lua The code below used to inserted new crops that could grow in farms from seeds. With this disabled, seeds planted in farms no longer have a chance to grow these crops. My knowledge of Lua is limited, so anyone who can advise on this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  13. Defining a Variable in Modmain

    Thank much... that helped a lot.
  14. I have these line in Modmain.lua ================ W101_FLOAT = 0 if GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.CAPY_DLC) or GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.PORKLAND_DLC) then W101_FLOAT=1 end ================ Then In one of several prefabs ================ if W101_FLOAT ==1 then .... ================ However, when the prefab is loaded, the game crashes with the error that the variable is not defined My knowledge of Lua is limited, and I am sure I am missing something iimportant in the way that Lua works.. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. How to reference a specific item

    try it without quotes return inst.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD) == tophat
  16. IsDLCEnabled

    print "Rog" print(IsDLCEnabled(REIGN_OF_GIANTS)) print "Cappy" print(IsDLCEnabled(CAPY_DLC)) print "Porkland" print(IsDLCEnabled(PORKLAND_DLC)) Upon booting the game - this appears in the log... [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(213,1) Rog [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(214,1) true [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(215,1) Cappy [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(216,1) true [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(217,1) Porkland [00:00:04]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(218,1) true Upon loading a Saved Game, this appears in the log. [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(213,1) Rog [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(214,1) false [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(215,1) Cappy [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(216,1) false [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(217,1) Porkland [00:00:23]: ../mods/waiter-381565292/modmain.lua(218,1) true
  17. Does anyone know if they plan to release other characters?
  18. Just wanted to say Kudos on the Outbreak update, I for one enjoy the update. I found it an interesting new challenge to overcome. I agree the auto-disinfect seemed broken, so I turned it off, it was easier to manage manually.
  19. [Game Update] - 220993

    Yes, and since the pipes are behind the painting you shouldn't see them. Ergo the 'bug' is that he feels the bubbles should be hidden as well. I was merely pointing out that the purpose of the overlay is to see the bubbles. He certainly isn't implying that he wants the pipes to render in front of the paintings.
  20. [Game Update] - 220993

    But if you don't see the bubbles, then it makes it hard to track the fluid movement.
  21. @Midrealm, sure! I can add the new tag images, don't exactly understand the difference between seafood and fish tho, is it about froglegs? :D As for inedible, really tough choice. Do you add 'inedible(alt)' tags into your recipes?
    RE: seafood - yes - froglegs, although other things could be added (I have been debating including seaweed).
    RE: Inedible - No - I just use 'Inedible' but I presented the alternate image for your use if you wanted. I hate for users to get confused about what is and isn't tagged a something.
    My thought was maybe you would know a way to config the mod to allow users to choose which set of images they wanted - or better yet automatically do so if both mods are installed (I have no idea if that is possible)

    I have so many tags because I try to make all my recipes use tags only, so that they can be compatible with other mods.
    This allows another modder to add a new food ingredient with a tag such as 'seafood' or whatever, and it would work to make recipes in my mod. If i used 'names' instead, it wouldn't work.

    RE: Square Image, so next possible size is 256x256.
    ~nod - I figured that out last night when I went to correct the missing Citrus tag. So I have already prepared an new version. Plus I added the tags I forgot and prepared alternate images for some other other tags, like dairy, fat, etc. that include food ingredients from my mod. Again - I'll let you decide how to best use them, if at all.

    " I'll realign the image, that was just FYI. "
    Hope you ahvent done so yet, :( I hate to waste your time, and I've got one ready to send this evening.


  22. Attached is png and xml with the common food tags and also tags used in waiter 101 mod.
    Maybe you can incorporate it into your craft pot mod (if you want)
    I included an alternate image for inedible - because although I've made petals cookable, I have also tagged them as inedible to prevent overuse.

    Ideally I would have changed some other core images like monster tag to show plantmeat, bat wings, etc. But that might confuse people who didnt have the waiter mod installed.

    Anyway - I haven't tested this with your mod, so I don't know if I set up the xml correctly.

    Feel free to use the attached files or not.




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      Thanks for the update, was about to edit previous image to upload it into game, now I do not have to :).

      Choosing imageset depending on some conditions seems a bit overly complicated. Really need to implement some automated tag generator. I had this idea about stacking up images of all inedibles inside of one container, and once hovered, all those images spread to make a circle with names next to them. But that's so much UI, not sure if I'm gonna have enough time to make that.

    4. MidrealmDM


      Could you make it configurable so the user could choose which image set to use?

      Just an idea

  23. Waiter 101 (RoG, SW)

    @Estel I'm here - sorry - I've been updating the mod on steam, but forgot about this version Anyway - Im working on changes for shipwrecked, but it is fully compatible with Shipwrecked at the moment. I have a steam version compatible with DST as well. You can download it here - even without a steam account http://steamworkshop.download/download/view/381565292
  24. Version 4.1


    Adds Many additional crock pot recipes. Batilisk wings are made cookable (they count as 1/2 monster meat) Seeds made cookable Cold meat dish included to cool Wigfrid during the summer Candied Bacon included to help Wigfrid with sanity - compatible with Display Food Values and Smarter Crock Pot mods - compatible with Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod (can used cooked Milk in any recipe that requires milk) Please leave feedback if you have any comments, errors, or suggestions Known issues Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot (will be fixed next update) Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update) Expect New Changes Soon =-=-=-=- A version compatible with DST is on steam You can download it here - even without a steam account http://steamworkshop.download/download/view/381565292
  25. Waiter 101 (RoG, SW)

    Bump - Updated to v 4_1 Sorry for not updating this version more often. Known issues Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update)