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A Year Round Event

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Have you ever wanted to have Complete Peace in Don't Starve? Me Neither! But, all the mayhem can be too much. So, I always wanted a New Boss, along with a year round holiday. CHRISTMAS! Christmas would come around the 12th day of winter, and ALMOST every mob is peaceful, and non hostile. Your player CAN NOT attack something, unless its the new boss or is being attacked. If you try to attack something, your player will state, "I actually like this peace, maybe I should be friendly." Even WX-R2 says this! He has a malfunction that causes him to start to have a small amount of love, for the day. He is at peace, and starts to find love. Every Hostile mob is Friendly, even making friendly jesters. You can give, and Get gifts! Pigs, and Spiders will give gifts for Items they like! Pigs will give Gold, Gulliver Items, and Random items for animals, and mushrooms. Spiders will give silk, for monster meat, and Meat. You can see pigs and spiders exchange gifts to each other! EVEN PIGS AND MERMS ARE FRIENDLY TO EACH OTHER, EVEN GIVING EACH OTHER GIFTS!!!


The Boss is a Saint Nick Clockwork Cyborg. Krampus and him will spawn NEAR the player, and you can fight them, because you have been, "naughty". Krampus will attack you first, then Saint Nick. Saint Nick has a Semi Pope hat, made out of metal, and gears. He has a Long White Robe, Has a Long White Beard, and A LARGE Bejeweled Staff. He attacks you by swinging his staff at you, or by causing a small blizzard/Hail Storm, around you, causing damage. He drops Beard Hair, Meat, Random Items, and His Staff. His staff Causes A Storm Around Mobs.


This is just a Peaceful idea, and not one of my main ideas. Check out my Giant Idea's, and New Boss Idea Here!

New Boss, (Some References in this Thread...) - [Reign of Giants - Beta] Feedback and Suggestions - Klei Entertainment Forums

Giant Ideas - [Reign of Giants - Beta] Feedback and Suggestions - Klei Entertainment Forums

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.... I don't like it.

You realise that Christmas was originally Yule? Yule was a pagan celebration of the "rebirth of the sun", or winter solstice :)

The more you know!

But... meh. A world that's trying to kill you shouldn't really comply with the whole "nice day" thing. I never saw the point in all that, anyway - if you're going to be nice for a day, why not just be nice all of the time? :)

Cutting to the chase, I will reinforce my opinion. I, personally, don't like it.

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I agree. The big thing is, is that this game is supposed to be terrifying and scary, thought it doesn't feel like that when you get used to the game. If this gets implemented who else is gonna make madieval styled games?

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