Concerning Crows

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I have been playing the game for a period of time, i believe i survived for around 54 days before provoking some pigs.

During this time two things came to mind concerning those Creepy Crows.

1. The problem i encountered, was to do with the crows, i reached a point were seeds became irrelevant, which meant had i stopped collecting them, leading to a build up of seeds littering the ground.

I was wondering if seeds will eventually carry a duration time, and de-spawn if left on the ground?

2. Will we be able to eat them?! there is a thread talking about traps and a suggested they should serve a duel purpose of catching crows, id like to say i agree with this idea! and wish crow meat to be part of the menu.

3. Allso would it be a possibility to catch a crow, and keep it as a pet, or use it as a familiar of sort?

This could be a possible solution for the seed problem.

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Pet crows are to good to leave out!
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Someone in another thread suggested message carrying crows [...] But to whom would you send it?

Indeed I did. I was thinking that if you knew the username of another player, you could send them a message. It would be a fun way of giving it a social aspect without disrupting the oh-my-god-I'm-all-alone feel of the game.I have yet to think of an excuse for having such a feature on the game, because although it would be fun it wouldn't make much sense.
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I want to use their feathers for crafting... things.

*COF*arrows*COF*A little suggestion to add to the atmosphere of the game: From now and then, when chopping down a tree, make it so 3/4 crows suddenly fly away from it, screeching and screaming. That would add a little something that'll spice up a bit the otherwise boring task of gathering wood.
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3/4 crows suddenly fly away from it, screeching and screaming.

Or maybe if you attack crows, they will swoop you if you venture near trees that have nests in them. The eggs could be cooked and eaten, or incubated and tamed as message birds that, when given a parcel containing items, drops it in front of the 'marker' assigned to that crow. This could be balanced by making markers very expensive, and 'messenger' crows killable by tentacles.
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