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Parrotoss's Pretty Puke Pics~! (Requests/Trades-Open!)

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I was laughing so hard when I was drawing these disasters, and I guess having fun with a hobby is what matters most. All of these were drawn with my non-dominant left hand and some different mediums were used for the sake of inane diversity. My special scanner doesn't help either.

Let me apologize to your eyes in advance. Also, sorry if the images are too large. I couldn't figure out how to make them smaller without them being hard to see.



Anyone recognize the "Freaky Fred" reference from Courage the Cowardly Dog? I think the title "Wacky Wilson" is suiting.





I don't care if it's February, you are getting a Christmas pic.




An internet meme as old as time. I haven't seen it in any Don't Starve works until now, however.



My digital works are much cleaner and professional, unfortunately, I need to get a new tablet and perhaps some programs until I will be able to work on them again.

I am currently developing a Don't Starve comic. It won't be up-pare with the more fancy ones, but it is guaranteed to entertain. Several other art ideas and concepts are in the works, but I am likely to use my good hand to draw this time around.



Anyway, I am also taking art requests and doing art trades.

I prefer if requests stick to Don't Starve material so the forums may be honored. 

However, I ask you take the following rules into account:

1. Don't expect professional work--I'm an amateur.

2. Give credit where credit is due--ask me if unsure is needed for projects, etc.

3. Images aren't to be dramatically altered without granted permission.

4. If an art trade is done, I expect art of equal quality--say, if I make a sketch, I expect a sketch in return. If I color the pic, I expect color in return, etc. This ensures both parties are happy and fair.

5. Fill out the following form:


Concept: (Ref. pic, description of what is wanted, creatures/characters etc.)

Method: (Traditional/Digital/Both.)

Type: (Sketch/Ink, Greyscale marker, Color--paint, pencil, pen, pastels)

Hand: (Drawn with Right or Non-dominant Left?--Both?)

Other: (Any additional details. Specify whether it is an art request or trade.)


Thank you for your time~!

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I have a Krampus OC too. I call him Leo

Oh, neato! Do you happen to role play? I don't, but I'm considering it since I have an OC now.





Oh, yeah, here is a bunch of decapitated Wilson heads. I'm trying to pin down what he should look like without being excessively annoying to draw, yet not make it boring.



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Webber is fricken scary. Unlike the other character backstories, his is disturbing. He is a zombie child that is living inside the mummified corpse of a spider that tried to eat him--which I assume is dead.


(Sorry for posting so much in a row, I gotta keep this topic bumped up somehow.)




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Oh yay, a comment! I was thinking I was going to have to post six times in a row.

Ha, the poor deerclops was just curious.


This could be a pretty good children book,

" There once was a MacTusk who bullied a Deerclops

  Then the deerclops crushed him and his family.The end."

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