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  1. i love the effect of how he's dripping away.
  2. omg, i love his big 'n fluffy tail!
  3. i'm usually not a shipper, but Wolfgang and Wigfrid.... i would totally ship that! the "mute" of Wes made me roar with laughter! brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
  4. bah! i'm becoming slower and slower.... oh well, now here's Wes. now it's only two to go. then i want to try to make some decent fanarts.
  5. dapper as can be. i'm curious how your hair will turn out. i know how difficult it can be to style synthetic hair.
  6. I got myself a wilson dragon in flight rising and he makes me happy uuuuh! nice one! i like this one even more than the bird-Wilson. well, mostly because i have a thing for dragons, but still. very lovely. i would love to see his wings fully.
  7. whatever you're doing, keep doing it! it's awesome! even though, that Webber scares the **** out of me.....
  8. aw yeah! mark and tinyboxtim! it would be awesome if tinyboxtim would be like a Chester.
  9. well, being crazy is just way more fun than being normal. though, i'm not sure about the murderous.
  10. the emblems are pretty cool! some of them would make great tattoos.
  11. indeed, those Birchnut Trees turn quicker evil than you're able to chop down one tree. i had pretty much the same experience once. though, i accidentally set them on fire and i'm not sure if i died because of the Birchnutters or if i burned with them.
  12. d'awwwww~~~ the smallbird's so adorable. but the best part is the tallbird behind the bush!
  13. the "bzzzt bzzt mothaf****" made me laugh. but, girl! i'm amazed how quickly you always come up with drawings! it literally takes me forever to make even a sketch. you seem to be able to make them up as soon as someone made a request.