Don't Starve Collectables and NEW Ninja Vinyl at the new Klei Store!


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I just got my MOTN figure in and it is beautiful, it was missing the Oni head however :( I also got my don't starve figures in (whole display box plus a box of 8) and Wes was missing his umbrella. 



Other than that these are beyond beautiful, great work!

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  • Developer

Glad you like them.


I've posted a link to this thread to our head of marketing to look into the missing items with your toys, in case it is a wider spread issue.


EDIT: Talking with the support team, it sounds like they've already responded to you via email about the missing items. For anyone else having similar issues, you can contact about any issues with Klei Store orders.

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I feel like the price is a bit to high. I bought a Xbox controller for 20 pounds, and one of those ''limited'' mark of the ninja figures costs 50! Thats like two and a half Xbox controlers! Im also sawing up for something else.

I dont think i will spend 50 pounds from my pocket money on this. Sorry, no offense.

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