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  1. 4s4sin96

    Shank 3?

    Shank 3 is the new Half-Life 3 title xD
  2. 4s4sin96

    Shank toys

    Corey, J!NX could make some great Shank PVC figures http://www.jinx.com/ Like they have done with Minecraft <3 6'' figure with articulation on the head and hands... +acc's
  3. 4s4sin96

    Shank toys

    and you can contact NECA to do a limited edition of 15k shank figures, like they will do with Portal - Chell, and Team Fortress 2 figures
  4. 4s4sin96

    Shank toys

    cool, but more shank figurines would be great <3
  5. 4s4sin96

    Shank toys

    Hi, I really want to see some Shank action figures from NECA <3 What are the chances for some Shanks toys? :o3