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  1. May I ask if you have a 2nd Nintendo Account on your Switch? If you are just planning to play Offline, the 2nd account doesn't need to have an online subscription, but the game requires there to be a Nintendo Account for the 2nd player.
  2. Been a while, eh?

  3. Yes, the XB1 update is currently in the publishing process on the Microsoft side. While the process on PS4 can usually be done in about 20 minutes, on XB1 it can take sometimes take several hours before it is live to the public. We apologize for the delay, but are hoping it will be live shortly.
  4. Thanks for the info. I've passed it along to the team as well. We've asked Sony to look into why the new content isn't appearing for you, and also why the older content is disappearing on you after you've purchased it. (It should always be appearing)
  5. Hmm, strange that only those 3 are showing up. Could be a regional store issue? I don't suppose there is anyone in the EU region that can confirm they are able to see the content in their storefront, is there?
  6. Thanks for the information! I'll pass the bug along to the programmers.
  7. Yeah, sorry, that was a miscommunication on my part. I was able to confirm the North American PS4 release when I got into the office this morning, but our system for EU hadn't updated to the latest status. I've confirmed with our EU contacts that the content should be available in both North American and European regions. @NoscopeFelix Are you just not able to see the latest 2 packs that we released today, or are you not seeing any of the skin packs in the Shop?
  8. Sorry, for our latest update, we managed to fix the Disconnect issue with private servers, but some other code for Split-screen became broken. We're working on a new update to fix this, and should have it available in the next couple of days.
  9. Hmm, okay, sorry about this all. I'll have the team try to figure out what is causing this issue. So is the disconnect happening when you are trying to log in from the splash screen to the Main Menu, or is it when you try to load up a saved world? Are you able to log-in and play worlds in Offline mode?
  10. For the Languages bug, have you gone to the Workshop and downloaded the additional language?
  11. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll see about having the link fixed to lead to the proper notes.
  12. Do you have the required materials to use the Microbe Musher and recipes queued?
  13. Okay, thanks for letting us know. I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce. Can I get you to post your save file so I can take a look at it?
  14. Thanks for letting us know. I'll pass along the issue to the programmers.