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  1. Oh come on get out of here with this BS, the Wii may have not had the support PS3 and 360 did but it had plenty of great games. Just because you like one platform doesn't mean all others are not without benefits.
  2. I'll be spending my playthrough in NG+ this way love the way you can manipulate all the enemies. I like your idea as well, maybe in the sequel.
  3. Congrats guys!! Was flipping through the new Game Informer magazine you won that award. I'd say it's a pretty big honor considering the year was filled with great titles to download. Of course they had nothing on you with the power of the Hisomu clan behind them.
  4. Nice job man! I don't care for play through videos but the pure gameplay (no voice over) was great. Maybe they can add a level timer for the sequel!
  5. That would be awesome I'll buy day one when you guys figure it out.
  6. Damn that sucks over seas shipping can be nasty but looks like it's still in stock as of right now. I ordered this morning along with a few of their restocks I've been waiting for.
  7. So I noticed today on Klei has some new products. A new MotN shirt which now makes two also a Eets shirt and a Shank shirt with a figure. So any plans to maybe put a ninja maquette out here guys? Links below if you want to buy I'm picking up the new shirt "Ninja Shadow" Ninja Shadow Shank Maquette
  8. Might be helpful if you tell everyone this is for, Spikes Video Game Awards. Go vote for MotN it's all that has mattered this year.
  9. This is the hidden difficulty the "True" path of the ninja. Enjoy!
  10. I don't think your starting any trouble it's not coming it's been posted here many times. Have fun.
  11. Wow I didn't read this in depth yet but you put in some serious thought on these. Nice work!
  12. Figured I'd share another recommendation of ninja goodies while your not playing MotN. Ninja Assassin is a great movie which was released in 2009. It actually has a lot in common with MotN set in modern times up against armed guards/police etc and some tattooing. Some great action and of course Sho Kosugi makes a return to his ninja film heritage. It's pretty gory and violent like any over the top ninja movie should be! It's not going to give you the meaning of life but you will be entertained.
  13. It would probably take a pretty large back end to take care of map editor and hosting sharing etc. Maybe in the sequel which we are getting right Cory? Nels? anyone?
  14. haha my mind was just blown, I thought you had some crazy announcement like this is just a partial game full retail release coming next month!! To funny
  15. I'm sure they are working on it when they can, none of these are game breaking relax fellow ninja.