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Hello everyone,

Me and my friend want to make a YouTube show. The other day me and him were organizing it all, and I realized that my "gamer picture" was,well, a copyrighted image.

My question(s) here are

1.How can I aquire someway to be able to use my gamer photo on the YouTube show?

2.Is it possible to be able to use the image?

3.If it is possible, would I need to buy licensing for it?

4.If It is possible to pay for licensing to use the image, how much would it be, and would it be a one time fee, or for everytime I use it?

Lots of questions,I know, but I would appreciate it if someone could answer this for me.

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Good on you for caring enough to post about this. Copyright laws can be a bit confusing as the rules seem to change depending on who ever I'm talking to. I think DwerBomb has the best idea. Make a picture yourself and then credit whoever owns the featured character/content.

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