"Up & Away" team looking for an additional artist!


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We're currently looking for an additional contributor to help us with our art assets for the Up & Away mod. While at first this wouldn't mean team membership, we'd be happy to accept as part of the team an artist that proves to be both competent and commited to the mod, after some time working with us.

Let us know if you're interested in contributing, either here, or in the art thread in the Up & Away subforum.

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What sort of art assets did you have in mind?  I'm halfway decent with a digital sketchpad, though I'm not familiar with this collab...


I could learn fast, I suppose ;)


Well, if you take a look at the U&A forum you'll see we're adding a whole new level (for new, we plan on adding three), with almost exclusively new fauna, flora and items (built around its own set of additional game mechanics). So if you want to contribute, there's a lot to choose from in which assets you'd prefer working with.


Well..I might be of assistance.

You're more than welcome to lend a hand. :razz:

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