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  1. Veggi Stew and Faux Turky are not at all the same. And that's a good idea for the butter, I believe I may just have to use that, thank you!
  2. Thanks for letting me know, I'll take a look at this and see what I can do to correct it. Wiggy deserves some Camp Cuisine love too, after all.
  3. Spice recipe corrected, refine butter added.
  4. Hrm, point. I'll look into this in the next revision, thanks! I suppose I could create a 'make butter' recipe?
  5. Version 2.0


    A collection of the Camp Cuisines. An updated compilation of all the Camp Cuisines, Re-Lunched has all new original artwork, streamlined scripting (thanks Star) and improved compatability with Waiter 101. Trimmed down the spices needed to a single kind, which can still be made in the Refine menu. Requires 2 seeds. Added a refine Butter recipe per request on the forums. Requires 5 butterfly wings. Also found in the Refine menu. Added a refine Flour recipe for use with certain baked items. Requires two seeds and two flower petals. Found in the Refine menu. Added a refine Caviar recipe. Requires 1 Fish. Found in the Refine menu. Four new crops added: apples, potatos, red cabbage and yams, each of which can be used in the crockpot or baked over a campfire. Edited several recipes to include the new flour item. Added many new holiday seasons with recipes for each. Added fruitcake to Midwinter Meal (thanks Spitfyre) Recipies are as follows: Standard: Banana Creme Pie: bananas x2, butter, spices Bucket 'o Bat: batwings x2, lightbulb, spices Bratwurst: meat x2, egg bread, spices Tasty Cake: flour, egg, butter, spices Subterranean Stew: batwing, russet potato, veggie, spices Cupcave: lightbulb, flour, spices Eel Head Soup: eel, lightbulb, russet potato, spices 'Shroom Sandwich: 2 mushrooms (any type), honey bread, spices Lasagna: meat x2, eggplant, spices Stuffed 'Shrooms: 2 mushrooms (any type), lightbulb, spices Buttered Corn: corn, butter, twig, spices Pumpkin Pie: pumpkin, butter, spices X2 Kave Kabobs: monster meat, lightbulb, twig, spices Veggimeat Stew: leafy meat x2, filler, spices New Year's Nosh: Caviar: 1 Fish, made at the Refine menu Meat and Cheese Tray: caviar, bratwurst, dairy, spices Doghnut: flour, petals, honey, spices A Lucky Lunar Lunch: Lucky Fish Plate: fish x2, red cabbage, spices Steamed Dumplings: fish, red cabbage, flour, spices Spring Rolls: cabbage, carrot, flour, spices Romantic Repast: Sweet Heart: meat x2, honey, spices Frosted Cookies: honey x2, red cap, spices Berry Parfait: berries x2, milk, spices An Egg-cellent Spring: Candy Bunnyman: honey x2, berries, spices Red Egg: egg, red cap, twig, spices Blue Egg: egg, blue cap, twig, spices Green Egg: egg, green cap, twig, spices Saintly Smorgasboard: Corned Beef and Cabbage: russet potato, meat, red cabbage, spices Bangers 'n Mash: mashers, meat x2, spices Shepherd's Pie: mashers, meat, carrot, spices A Savory Summer: Cheeseburger: honey egg bread, meat, milk, spices Apple PIe: apple x2, butter, spices Chips: russet potato x2, flour, spices S'Mores: flour, honey, twig, spices Cornbread: corn, flour, spices x2 Oktoberfeast: Pretzel: flour x2, butter, spices Potato Pancakes: russet potato, apple, butter, spices Saurkraut: red cabbage x3, spices All Hallows Eats: Candy Apple: apple, honey, twig, spices Halloween Candy: honey, cut lichen, filler, spices Kandy Korn: corn, honey, filler, spices Sugar Skull: honey, butter, fillers, spices Thankful Harvest: Honey Egg Bread: honey, egg, flour, spices Faux Turkey: leafy meat, pomegranate, yam, spices Mashed Potatos: russet potato, butter, filler, spice Stuffing: honey egg bread, carrot, yam, spices Midwinter Meal: Crown Roast: large meat, russet potato, pomegranate, spices Figgy Pudding: berries, egg, butter, spices Mincemeat Pie: meat x2, dragonfruit, spices Candied Yam: honey, yam, butter, spices Fruitcake: tasty cake, seeds, berries, spices and a bonus: Carnival Consumables: Funnel Cake: tasty cake, flour, butter, spices Cotton Candy: berries, honey, papyrus, spices Corndog: monstermeat, corn, papyrus, spices
  7. Argh, and I was so hoping to be able to contribute something to this puzzle >< I'm not brilliant, just your average lunatic over here, though.
  8. Well, the antikythera mechanism was supposedly designed to track solar and lunar phases, maybe that might have something to do with it?
  9. Random though here. Some of the 'crazy's in the Not Crazy rant on the puzzle are capitalized, and some are not. Relevant, or just me reading wayyy to much into this?
  10. Version 1.0


    Festive recipes for the Crock Pot Crown Roast: 2 large meat, pomegranate, festive spices Figgy Pudding: Berries, egg, butter, festive spices Mincemeat Pie: 2 large meat, dragonfruit, festive spices Festive spices can be found under the Refine tab
  11. Not as of yet. I'm working on that part.
  12. Version 1.0


    Harvest recipes for the Crock Pot and Campfire, and two new crops. Recipes: Candied Yam: Honey, yam, harvest spices Honey Egg Bread: Honey, egg, seeds, harvest spices Faux Turkey: Plant meat, pomegranate, yam, harvest spices Mashed Potatoes: Potato, butter, harvest spices Stuffing: Egg bread, carrot, ham, harvest spices And at the campfire: Baked Potato: potato At the farm plot you can now grow potatos and yams. Farm plots now have a visual for potatos and yams!
  13. 2878 downloads

    More recipes for the Crock Pot, including some for bat wings and leafy meat. Recipes: Banana Creme Pie: Cave Banana raw or cooked and spices Bratwurst: Meat, veggies and spices Bucket O' Bat: Batwings raw or cooked and spices Cake: Honey, eggs, butter, and spices Cupcaves: Lightbulbs, veggies and spices Eel Head Stew: Eel raw or cooked, lightbulbs and spices Grilled Corn: Raw corn, butter, and spices Grilled 'Shrooms: Mushrooms (any kind) and spices Kave Kabobs: Lightbulbs, twigs, monstermeat, and spices Lasagna: Meat raw or cooked, eggplant, and spices Mushed 'Shrooms: Lightbulbs, mushrooms (any kind) and spices Pumpkin Pie: Pumkin, butter, and spices Suberranean Stew: Batwings, veggies, and spices Veggimeat Roast: Plantmeat raw or cooked and spices Spices can be found in the Recipe tab under Refine
  14. It does on my computer It shows as 'out of date', but works just fine.
  15. Actually, the base Camp Cuisine already has pumpkin pie!
  16. This probably isn't relevant to anything, but has anyone else noticed that when you exit the game now it no longer says "Wilson will miss you" but instead says "Maxwell will miss you"? I'm beginning to think that Maxwell's been the main character all this time.... Poor Wilson.
  17. Aw, seriously? Now I'm just jealous Sorry Hammy, but awwwww....
  18. What I'm finding absolutely entrancing is how these puzzle threads and the revealed lore have taken a game that's ostensibly about our plucky protagonist - our own Wilson P. Higgsbury - and turning it on it's head by showing us the story of Maxwell and Charlie. Talk about a sympathetic villan; up until now I've just wanted to take a swing at him, but these, (especially this last puzzle) have left me feeling a lot more sorry for the misguided baddie. I mean, don't get me wrong, Wilson's adorable, but Maxy is dead fascinating!
  19. Well hey, at least we know Ol' Maxy got Charlies letter before they got snatched... so at least they got some... er... closure? But DANG guys, I go to work and you dig all this cool stuff out of the puzzle? Well done! ... I KNEW I should've taken today off...
  20. Oh man, I go to a movie and come back to all this? Now I can't wait to see what shows up tomorrow! Thanks Klei, now I've been sucked into the madness too...
  21. Hey, now we've got a crossed off line in this post... Johnny, did you put that there, or do we have our Mystery Edit?