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Hello Everyone,


Yet previously I always used the old test tools,not the mini tools or something else ,because I loved to place objects and many other things everywhere and make varied bases.I loved stow things where was the mouse cursor.I was looking for in many places a similar mod but I could not found.

If someone could help,make the old test tools compatible or give me a link or a piece of advice,I would really appreciate!


Thanks for reading and spending your time to read.

- Do not forget,I'm from Hungary so be nice and I apologize you in advance for the spelling =) -



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 Try Mini Tools.


EDIT: Nevermind, i'm stoopid.


What is it you miss that Mini tools doesn't have, exactly?

Object spawning and select items easily like in the TooManyItems. I use the Mini Tools also Too Many Items now.



Mhm. I guess we gotta settle with what there is. Shame.


Also, TMI could use a search function.

I checked the TMI but do not fint anything,I just can spawn items with that but not objects like:Maxwell's Throne,Maxwell,Banana Tree,Marble Pillar ahhhh  etc.



Not seem him for a while so I guess...


Oh,that is sad. Then are there no chance to make that mod alive? :(

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