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  1. This actually might be better, and certainly easier on the animators.
  2. As I see my little dupes running their arses off from one side of the map to the other, I though "wouldn't it be great if we had conveyor belts?" Could be a later game unlock... Be a great system to work with in ONI.
  3. Sweet! I'm still waiting on the patch that makes it so I don't suck so bad.
  4. Good information guys, keep up the good work! Explains some of my troubles as well.
  5. You're a hard man, Saturnus, a hard man.
  6. Well, that's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Too bad he died later in a pool of his own vomit, heheh.
  7. Thanks mate! For future reference, had a 'sweep' tag hanging off one of my dudes all afternoon (don't know if it warrants a bug report):
  8. Great stories and builds here! Myself, I've made it to cycle 60 (with 5 dupes) after about 12 tries. I've researched everything, so now everything's at my disposal to try and keep this base running. These are the balance issues I ran into: Bio Distiller doesn't produce enough Algae to make it worth the trouble. I thought "now, I'll be able to really keep my air clean!" Not even enough to keep two Algae Deoxydizer's running. Also, what it does produce is just deposited on the floor, making the atmosphere toxic - something else to try and keep clean. Water Purifier doesn't produce enough clean water to make it worth the trouble in my experience. You'd have to have several of these running - if you had the time and contaminated water available. Air Scrubber doesn't produce enough clean air to make it worth the trouble. It also sits there most of the time with "empty pipe" doing nothing and no reason why. By the end it was non-stop puking, contaminating everything, with no oxygen left, so that's where I laid it to rest. Well, off to my next build!
  9. Tone please. I'm sure Shaggy just wants to help.
  10. I've never had enough water to waste on the dirty little buggers, lol.
  11. I have yet to be able to wrap this old brain around how gas pumping even works, especially when gas pockets are always on the move and pumping to an area always goes max pressure and then pumping stops... or something... Oh, and welcome to the boards!
  12. haha, that's a good one.
  13. Thank you @minespatch, someone must agree! Haven't been as active as I was in the DS days, but this place will always have a warm spot in my gaming heart!
  14. First off, great game potential and I understand that it's early in alpha, so I assume there's a lot of balancing to come, BUT: I've gone through probably a dozen restarts and every single one ends with a putrid mess of fouled water and air and everyone puking all over and in the water supply by cycle 25-30. I can't be that bad at games to fail so miserably, so early on! Decent water/air management comes too late in the game to be very useful. By the time I've researched all the things that can really help me, my environment is already contaminated beyond repair and I've little water left to even run pumps. Not enough coal in map to make coal generators useful. I mined everything I can find and it's not even enough to start the motor. How am I supposed to keep this thing running long term? Not enough obsidian to make all the plumbing I need, so a lot of my pumps I've finally researched and am placing in desperation, never get plumbed until it's too late to matter. Not one map I've rolled has enough water to keep my dupes going long-term. At some point, my researchers should learn to press that dang 'fabricate' buttons themselves. Same for whoever get's assigned to the Microbe Musher. I'd like a little less micromanagement here. As I've mentioned in another thread, I get no feedback as to why none of my pumps ever work when installed. My Electrolyzer says 'max gas pressure' and never even started. I don't know what this means or how to fix it. That's most of my issues and I'm sure most of these things will get hammered out. I know you're stress testing the game, so adjustments will come later. But it feels like it's on 'hard core' mode ATM. Just posting for prosperity. Great jorb, Devs! I've already put more hours in ONI than most of my other current games. Keep up the great work.
  15. NOTE: I'll keep all my pump related questions here: Well, at this early stage, I'm finding getting pumps to work reliable at all is a big headache and when they're not working, I have no feedback as to why. i.e. I hook up and plumb a toilet, and it doesn't work: Pump toilet It's got electricity and is plumbed, but it's not working. I can't find any feedback as to why.