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  1. You're certainly welcome to post here, we're glad to have you. Many posters have English as their second (or third) language, so there's no problem with that. We're glad to help.
  2. I agree this is annoying (drives me nuts when there's important things to get done in a hurry). Especially when you have work going on across a huge map. I'd say if the dupe's a builder, then he also delivers his own materials regardless. I don't care how proficient another dupe is at delivering, it only slows down the process if the actual builder has to wait for him. I suppose this isn't as big an issue the more dupes you have, but when you start out and you're glaring at your one digger dupe to get things done...
  3. That's a big NO right there. Nothing comical about that. Good ideas otherwise.
  4. Better than a phone, haha.
  5. You talking Phone or tablet? Phone? No way unless it comes with a magnifying glass and pin-point touch device. Even on a tablet.. there's just too much going on and too much detail to deal with for a touch device (IMHO of course). I'd stick with a $300 laptop if you want portable.
  6. @Kernkraft3000, this is an English speaking forum. You'll get more interest in your posts if you post in English or translate to English. (same with the reddit sub you just posted to)
  7. I'm reminded of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, where the crew is experimented on. Maybe some mad scientists behind 'porting the dupes to a barren satellite?
  8. Options are never bad. That's one of the great things about Don't Starve (and Factorio) in that they let you set up the game you want to play. Want a hard-core death simulator? Don't Starve gives you that 'option'. Want a more casual fun time? You get that too. You don't want ONI to just be for the hard-core players. You want options that appeal to all players. /soapbox
  9. For me, I'd prefer it default to whatever you have the most of. I'm forever building a long string of something out of material I have very little of and have to go back and fix it all.
  10. Surface colonization with a new set of research goals for surface survival and (most importantly) prospering! Perhaps after that, a rocket to leave for Earth.
  11. Ah, I see you changed your profile image back.


    I am so proud.


  12. Hmm, where have I seen this before....
  13. Well, this won't end well from my experience in other games, haha.
  14. Welcome to the forums @FrownChain ! Not a bad suggestion, either.
  15. @Tikigit, Klei doesn't have a community manager per say, though all the devs pop in and asnwer questions, and they tend to rely on their weekly twitch stream for those update goodies as well as a good Q/A session during the broadcast. The twitch stream is also advertised here in the subs with a direct link. Join in next time and see what's coming up next.