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  1. If Nuclear is for very late game, you have to wonder what else would be going on for you to need it. Right now you can get to a couple hundred cycles with out it. I almost see it as a DLC addon with ship building or something (on the surface?) - but that's another thread...
  2. Latest update has coal generators taking a lot longer to overheat, so that should help. I had a room packed with ice and my coal generator still overheated. To get in on the latest build releases: right click on your game in Steam, go do Properties, then select the BETAS tab. Pick thermal_upgrade_preview from the list. WARNING: Existing (games saved regular, not thermal_upgrade_preview) save games will not load.
  3. I've always left '9' for emergency over all other things, so when I want something done now, I hit it with a 9 and all dupes have always dropped what they're doing and run for it.... My experience anywho...
  4. @SirLickandStick, great picture. From what I understand, water acts a bit funky because of the process the devs use (which, IMO, seems to have it act like a mixture of gas, water and... balloons), but perhaps that can be adjusted down the road to a more... liquidy state. This is also why ONI water does not like to flow down or through a one block high tunnel.
  5. OP, I do like the idea that after the initial grind, we can research (bots in this case) to take care the more... mundane chores our dupes spend a lot of time taking care of. Might be more of a DLC (free or otherwise), but good ideas.
  6. The arguments in this thread have now gone circular for 3 pages. No one's changing anyone's opinion. Let's wrap this one up.
  7. @Tolham, I suggested myself a bit back a 'furnace' type of pump that you could place anywhere you like and plumb INput and OUTput vents all around your base - much like my house is setup with an air IN vent and also a return vent in each room. It would also allow you to more easily move the vents around as needed rather than removing and replacing the huge pump each time. @Kasuha has a great pic though, of how Hydrogen floats to the top though. Several options.
  8. As stated, there's a click menu to choose when you deconstruct, but I would like to see it default to what you have been viewing when you clicked the deconstruct icon. May come, but I imagine it's way down on the list of things to do at this early stage.
  9. Understandable the devs probably want to keep an eye on mod menus since they're looking for problems and issues you might run across during normal play with normally generated maps, but where there is a will, there will be a mod, so I imagine it will all come to pass eventually.
  10. On the other hand, I run dirty water only through the showers and no one's complained yet. I may have to run the toilet waste through the showers next. Yeah, that's how I roll.
  11. Welcome @Hellfire85 and thanks for the suggestions! The devs have mentioned in a recent twitch stream, that they do read the suggestion threads, so keep 'em coming.
  12. Hasn't been an issue for me since after only 5 cycles my guys are suffocating and no algae in sight for the algae/oxygen generators...
  13. I can certainly attest to the burned feeling I had after plopping down a hefty $60 for No Man's Sky. Again, though, Steam's liberal return policy is a wondrous thing and should negate any need for pirating (assuming the game is on Steam - which most are).
  14. @kyle8544, please explain your thoughts a bit more or we'll have to shut this thread down as a troll thread.
  15. Welcome to the forums @jape670 !