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  1. All, there's a special test group that is testing some very new exciting things, so fear not (they mentioned this in the last stream). This group is testing the cutting edge stuff (some not even with updated art yet) and it's very interesting stuff - before it's in a state to release via steam. I also have access, and I can tell you this group is one smart bunch and they all think rings around humble me, so it's getting a very good testing. Hang tight!
  2. Back to your roots, eh? haha xD

  3. Yes, I too am hoping for an 'end game' goal of some sort. I like the dig to the surface idea, it's a somewhat obvious one, but good non-the-less.
  4. I was born handsome(!), can't help it. Edit: Here's what started the 'Handsome!' thing. Handsome Squidward! was my old avatar.
  5. One thing that will make the game easier for those who want it and harder for others is to have a customization screen at world generation. Much like Don't Starve and Factorio does. That way, the hard core can make their dream death map and the rest of us can enjoy a more leisurely pursuit. I'm fairly confident that the good Klei devs will offer something like this. It's an easy way (ha!) to give gamers an easy, medium, hard, murder difficulty setting without the devs themselves deciding what those difficulties should be. I would also caution the devs to not be to easily swayed by a vocal minority on either end of the 'too easy', 'not hard enough' debate. I've seen games get so damn difficult because the hard core tend to be more vocal about "make it harder!" and often, these are the only voices the devs hear. /soapbox haha
  6. Nice, but after a dozen+ cycles, I'm the one that needs a hug, haha.
  7. I'm guessing they had Thermal fairly close, but not finished for the alpha release. That's why we got Thermal fairly close on the heels of the initial release. What we're seeing now will probably be more in tune with a regular development cycle - that is, longer spans between updates.
  8. I would love romping around on the surface of the asteroid in (perhaps) late game. Probably have to use pre-existing 'mine shafts' so we don't mine out the whole surface of the asteroid. I imagine by the time you research enough to get there, bases would be plenty polluted, so the dupes would appreciate a fresh start on the surface.
  9. As mentioned, hatches for coal to run the generators. I've been finding hatches all over the place, so it's not much of a problem to pen them in somewhere with a storage unit that's kept full of dirt you empty once in awhile for them to eat. (or whatever lesser mineral you have more of)
  10. For me, getting clean water close to where the dupes live is part of base building. It can be quite a pain, though, when the nearest geyser is about 10 screens away >.< If you're already going to all the trouble to run a pump, water line and electric (along with all the tunnels and ladders to get there), you might as well use it to fill a reservoir near your base. You'll need it for all the water treatment you'll be getting into.
  11. It goes without saying that the more you ask for something the less likely you are go get it. I think it's run it's course. Closing. @Developous, if you're interested in mod status, please PM the 'reds' and take it private.
  12. Welcome to the forums @sargos7 Right now we're in early Alpha, so it's all about getting the concepts down and functioning. I'm pretty confident that we'll get 'challenges' and such, like scenarios and sandbox mode (IMHO), so hang tight!
  13. Welcome @ShadowOfDeathlyD. I'm going to vote no on the eating of flesh part. Kid-friendly game and all that.
  14. Well thought out post there @GreenOnion. My only concern is that these guys just couldn't grasp the technical side of Nuclear power, haha.
  15. Welcome to the forums @dadarocks !