new dont starve roleplay


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hello im back and in honor of that im going to do this       :yaypigs: im relly happy

ok  you know the rules and stuff


(warning new careter)



rase: sapershifting cat

powers:can transform into anything in the cat famly 5 senses are better

unpowers:hates water ecept when it a form of a jungle cat

apperace:look at my icon and take the hat off



this is based of my cat whisky




:spidercowers: :snarlingspider: :happypigs:



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race:wherecat and in heman form half cat half human

powers: smell sight and can read minds claws and fangs

dispowers:hates water

apperance:cat form:light blue cat with a long fluffy tail,human form:long carmelt hair light blue cat ears long fluffylight blue tail tan skin

and puple eyes


I know who that is. I read Warriors. 

Also, no, sorry. Can't roleplay.

And congratz on returning! Good luck!

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