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  1. (Hello people. I haven't been on these forums for 2 years or so, this will be fun. Is the RP open? Idk why I got 12 posts I played in like 7 role plays. Maybe it was before the post count....)
  2. OK YOU ARE FRIEND. WARNING THREAT DETECTED (Can't do color I am on iPad ) *wx-78 points at the direction of the threat he is pointing at the yetifoot*
  3. *WX-78 peers out the side of the cave and sees the male, female and mandrake, accompanied with a spider and a Yetifoot talking with eachother. Slowly he walks out of the corner and looks at them* MY NAME IS SYSTEM WX-78 FRIEND OR FOE?
  4. ( @ThePreChewedTree @YetiFoot @Blewcheese your turn guys)
  5. Scanning For Life Forms...... 3 Results found. System Detects a unknown light object near the bottom of the cave System Detects Male Female and Mandrake THANK YOU SCANNER, NOW TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET THERE. *WX-78 starts walking down deeper into the cave* (Is this a blood moon or what)
  6. Herro Peoples I am Back!

    1. geni0529


      no ur not now go away.

  7. (IDK if its a good time, but I am finally back from my "very long role playing break that shouldn't have had" and i thought this is a good roleplay! May i be WX-78?) (Hi Silent and Prechewed idk if you guys remember me.)
  8. *Dexter Cuts trees and makes camp* ok lets light the fire before it- *Total darkness consumes the area* hehehe, hello, new people. *Charlie emerges for the darkness*
  9. (Accepted) *dexter looks at sei-fang* if I know anything, it's that wee not dead
  10. Bump so people will see I hate bumping but this role play died too easily
  11. *sees Tentacal* I will destroy you! *grabbes iron sword and repeatedly smashes it against the tentacle
  12. I belove were in maxwells domain , which is like limbo basically I don't remember anything but that...